Gainesville Sends the Goods

Adam from Gainesville, Florida sent a box of 227 Cubs cards on Wednesday.

A great mix of cards dated back to the 1960’s all the way up to recent releases. This trio of 1964 Topps cards of Don Elston, Ellis Burton, and Don Landrum are in great condition.

It also included a foursome of 1966 Topps cards of Ted Abernathy, Jim Stewart, Bob Hendley, and Don Kessinger.

A couple of 50th anniversary stamps on these 1968 Topps cards of Dick Nen and Rob Gardner.

This is a new card for my Sammy Sosa collection. The card is from 2000 Pacific Vanguard and is printed on a matte stock thin as a piece of copy paper.

But wait…there’s more! SOSA. Look at all these Slammin’ Sammy’s.

Thanks, Adam. I’ll let Ben Zobrist explain my pleasure receiving this package.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Wednesday’s (4/24/2019) Cards: 227

Wednesday’s (4/24/2019) Packages: 1

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 10,834

Total Trades/Donations: 107

Trade States of Origin:

California (6)
Connecticut (8)

Florida (4)

Georgia (3)

Illinois (13)
Indiana (3)


Maryland (5)
Massachusetts (3)

Minnesota (2)

New Hampshire
New Jersey (7)
New York (9)
North Carolina (4)
Ohio (4)

Pennsylvania (3)

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Tennessee (4)
Texas (4)

Washington (3)

West Virginia
Wisconsin (9)

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