Javy Rookies and a Curious Choice for a Famous Cubs Fan

This post has been delayed nearly a week due to catching up on previous trades and a big project.

That project is the restoration of my baseball card room. Long story short I cleaned out almost the entirety of my card room to install new heavy duty shelves. I’ll be posting an update once it’s finished (I’m actually far ahead of my projection).

Three packages arrived last Thursday and included a number of items and Cubs cards. Vegas checks the list with a box of 50 Cubs cards including three Javier Baez (and Jorge Soler) rookie cards from 2015 Topps Heritage.

Also inside a Carlos Pena jersey relic from 2012 Topps. I enjoy autographs and relics of Cubs players that are long forgotten (or never really made it).

Goalie in the Crease sent another package my way. We’ve conducted several trades. His package included a Cubs World Series DVD. Sweet!

Also, a couple programs for the Pittsburgh Pirates, both of which highlight the series with the Chicago Cubs.

He also added more than 100 Cubs cards in 9-Card sleeves.

Dennis in North Carolina sent a couple boxes of Cubs that featured several new additions to my collection. Joe Borowski isn’t exactly an obscure former Cubs player, but he’s long forgotten. Here’s a 2004 Donruss Team Heroes and it’s numbered…134/150.

I’ll need to do some digging on the next two cards. They don’t look familiar and I love the vintage Topps logo. What I like the most about this card of Bruce Sutter is that I’ve never seen this picture before. So often Topps recycled photos and even though they are on different cards they all look the same.

From the same set it’s Ryne Sandberg, and this picture, unlike Sutter, does look familiar. Coming to mind is one of those many 80’s oddball cards that features the same or similar photo of Ryno.

From 2001, a chrome reprint of the 1987 Topps Greg Maddux. I hate reprints of modern cards, but this one is different. I like the chrome aspect.

Speaking of Chrome, here’s an Angel Pagan Rookie from 2006 Topps 52. These are numbered /1952.

When I think of famous Cubs fans…Chris O’Donnell isn’t on that list. Even the back of the card has a generic explanation: “An Illinois native who grew up following the Chicago Cubs, O’Donnell has fond memories of spending his afternoons watching the great game. ‘It’s a sport I fell in love with as a kid,’ he said. ‘The sights, sounds and smells at the ballpark bring me back to my childhood.’” That’s so generic! There’s so much to be said about growing up following the Cubs, moreso about the Wrigley experience and that’s what he says?!?

Obscure Cubs Autograph! Yes! Here’s Felix Sanchez from 2003 Bowman’s Best.

Not a Cubs card, but Anthony Rizzo rookie cards will always find a place in my collection.

Sammy Sosa! By the way, he’s in the 2019 Stadium Club checklist, so here’s a throwback to his 2001 Stadium Club card.

Another Sammy from an unopened pack of 2002 Post cards. Frank Thomas is the card on the back.

Finally, a Sosa relic! Sweet! Love the arrow instead of a generic circle or square swatch.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Thursday’s (6/13/2019) Cards: 850

Thursday’s (6/13/2019) Packages: 3

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,651

May’s Cubs Count: 7,273

June’s Cubs Count: 5,048

Total Trades/Donations: 159

Trade States of Origin:
Arizona (2)
Alabama (2)

California (11)

Colorado (2)
Connecticut (9)

Florida (8)

Georgia (3)

Idaho (2)
Illinois (14)
Indiana (4)

Iowa (2)


Kentucky (2)
Maryland (7)
Massachusetts (4)

Minnesota (2)

Missouri (2)



New Hampshire
New Jersey (10)

New Mexico
New York (12)
North Carolina (5)
Ohio (6)

Oregon (2)
Pennsylvania (4)

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Tennessee (4)
Texas (6)

Virginia (2)
Washington (4)

West Virginia (3)
Wisconsin (10)

Countries of Origin

Korea (1)

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