2019 Allen & Ginter Checklist and Preview

The most anticipated baseball card release of the year for me is Allen & Ginter. It will be out on Wednesday June 17, 2019, and Topps released the checklist today.

Allen & Ginter is not a product for everybody. If you only want baseball cards, then this isn’t the release for you. Not every set is the same, and there are plenty of other options for baseball card collectors. Just move on. No need to complain as there are many, many other products that cater to your taste.

Typically, I buy a case or two cases of Allen & Ginter. This year will be different. Only a few hobby boxes are on my list this year. I have a Club 400 event next week featuring Willson Contreras and Carlos Zambrano. Then another event a couple weeks later that coincides with the National (which I’ll be attending), and then a trip to Europe in September.

Click here for the complete 2019 Allen & Ginter Checklist.

Autograph Checklist

Unlike other products, Allen & Ginter collectors search out the non-player autograph checklist before the player checklist. That’s just the way the product goes. By the way, if you don’t want a non-player autograph and you pull one: that’s the best for you because you can sell it for (in some cases) 10 times the value of most player autographs in the set.

This year’s celebrity checklist is loaded. My favorites are Gary V, Post Malone, Harrison Ford, and Travis Pastrana. These will also likely fetch the most money. With Gary V’s following, I could see his autograph initially selling in the $150 range. Other names in the auto checklist include Danielle from American Pickers, Ben Schwartz from Parks and Rec, newsman Dan Rather, and baseball card video host Mike Oz. The full-size autograph checklist also includes wrestler Tiger Mask, and James Holzhauer from Jeopardy! fame.


MA-AA A.J. Andrews Softball Player

MA-AC Augie Carton Brewer & Podcast Host

MA-BF Brian Fallon Musician

MA-BRO Burton Rocks Sports Agent & Author

MA-BS Ben Schwartz Actor & Comedian

MA-CM Charles Martinet Video Game Voice Actor

MA-DC Danielle Colby Reality TV Personality

MA-DD Drew Drechsel American Ninja Warrior

MA-DR Dan Rather TV Journalist

MA-EJA Emily Jaenson Minor League Baseball® General Manager MA-GE Graham Elliot Chef & TV Personality

MA-GV Gary Vaynerchuk Entrepreneur

MA-HD Hailey Dawson First Pitch Celebrity

MA-HF Harrison Ford Actor

MA-HK Hilary Knight Hockey Player

MA-JB Justin Bonomo Professional Poker Player

MA-JC John Cynn Professional Poker Player

MA-JL Jay Larson Comedian

MA-KS Kyle Snyder Freestyle Wrestler

MA-LC Loretta Claiborne Special Olympics Athlete

MA-LR Lawrence Rocks Chemist & Author

MA-MCO Mason Cox Australian Rules Footballer

MA-MM Matthew Mercer Voice Actor & Dungeonmaster

MA-MO Mike Oz Baseball Card Video Host

MA-MS Mayumi Seto Topps Artist

MA-MSU Marc Summers TV Host

MA-QX Quinn XCII Musician

MA-RB Rhea Butcher Comedian

MA-RM Rodney Mullen Professional Skateboarder

MA-RO Robert Oberst Professional Strongman

MA-SMJ Sister Mary Jo Sobieck First Pitch Celebrity

MA-TK Tyler Kepner Baseball Writer

MA-VS Vincent Stio Umpire Fan


MA-TF Thomas Fish Owner, Blowout Cards


FSA-1TM 1st Tiger Mask Professional Wrestler

FSA-JH James Holzhauer Game Show Champion

FSA-KB Ken Burns Filmmaker

FSA-PM Post Malone Musician

FSA-TP Travis Pastrana Motocross Competitor & Stunt Performer FSA-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Toronto Blue Jays® Rookie

FSA-YK Yusei Kikuchi Seattle Mariners™ Rookie


FSA-NB Nathan Burns Owner, Grand Slam Collectibles

Cut signatures have a number of names that will be sought after: Andy Warhol, Bob Hope, Dale Earnhardt, Robin Williams, and Stan Lee.


CS-AW Andy Warhol

CS-BH Bob Hope

CS-BV Bill Veeck

CS-CF Charlie O. Finley

CS-DE Dale Earnhardt

CS-FJ Florence Griffith Joyner

CS-GK Gene Kelly

CS-GP George Plimpton

CS-HK Harvey Kurtzman

CS-JG Jane Goodall

CS-JM John McCain

CS-JR Joan Rivers

CS-KV Kurt Vonnegut

CS-LB Lucille Ball

CS-LF Leo Fender

CS-MB Mel Blanc

CS-MP Max Patkin

CS-RW Robin Williams

CS-SL Stan Lee

And the player autograph checklist has some big names, too: Christian Yelich, rookie Fernando Tatis Jr., Kris Bryant, Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Trout, Nolan Ryan, Ronald Acuna, Shohei Ohtani, and more.


Known for strange and rare relics (think DNA relics from a few years ago), the 2019 edition of Allen & Ginter has its fair share of odd collectibles.

One set is titled, “Presidential Pieces” relics that include Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, John F. Kennedy, John Quincy Adams, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Additionaly, we have a mini DNA relics set with fossils: Ammonite, crocodile tooth, dinosaur bone, nautiloid, trilobite, and whale bone.

Cubs Checklist

Fourteen subjects make up the Chicago Cubs checklist. Nothing really unexpected here other than the inclusion of Sammy Sosa. Sosa was also in Stadium Club. It would be nice to see some different subjects from the retired players checklist. Ryne Sandberg and Ernie Banks make another appearance. Hopefully, Topps uses some different photos of these two players because their past cards in Allen & Ginter all look very similar.


16 Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs®

17 Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs®

18 Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs®

19 Javier Baez Chicago Cubs®

20 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs®

198 David Bote Chicago Cubs®

232 Willson Contreras Chicago Cubs®

233 Cole Hamels Chicago Cubs®

270 Ben Zobrist Chicago Cubs®

293 Jon Lester Chicago Cubs®

298 Ian Happ Chicago Cubs®

356 Kyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs®

371 Yu Darvish Chicago Cubs®

392 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs®

All in all, this checklist is much better than I was expecting. I have an Allen & Ginter bias, so I won’t put a grade on it. Each year gets an “A” from me, but again this checklist did exceed all of my expectations.

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