Oh, Canada! And My Awkward Exchange With Augie Ojeda

I can’t believe it wasn’t until July 13 that I received my first Cubs package from Canada. Thanks to Jeff in Toronto for making that happen. Only Canada and Korea are countries other than the United States that I’ve received cards in 2019.

Jeff’s package included some vintage like this 1958 Topps Lee Walls. I don’t recognize this one so it may be a first in my collection.

Some Bryzzo with a pair of National Baseball Card Day cards of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo. The Bryant is from 2016, and I actually received this card in a one touch from my local card shop in August 2016 after buying a box of Allen & Ginter. My shop gave out a pack for every purchase and the Bryant was a bonus for buying a box.

Big Z! He’s playing in the independent leagues his summer for the Chicago Dogs. I will be meeting him, and Willson Contreras, at Club 400, this Thursday.

Here’s a rookie card of Augie Ojeda and Gary Matthews Jr. I had an awkward exchange with Augie this past January at the Cubs Convention. I was in his autograph line and when I approached him he looks up with a big smile and says, “hey man how’s it going?! What have you been up to?” It completely caught me off guard. I’m not sure if he thought I was someone he knew, or if he is just a generally outgoing guy that treats every fan like this. At any rate, I made it awkward by pausing and replying, “oh, just workin.” I walked away feeling like Chris Farley from that Saturday Night Live segment: “Ahhh…I’m such an IDIOT!”

Sports Card Mosaics sent me another package. He mentioned he pulled a Kris Bryant Stadium Club box topper. As he shipped it, he reached back out and said no, it was Javier Baez and not Bryant. Even better! Javy’s my guy and this is a sweet oversized card.

Ben (Sports Card Mosaics) added a few standard Stadium Club cards from 2019 and all are new to me: Yu Darvish, Willson Contreras, and Kyle Schwarber.

And! He tossed in a couple of his stickers. He actually made these from baseball cards. These are so cool!

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (7/13/2019) Cards: 100

Saturday’s (7/13/2019) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,651

May’s Cubs Count: 7,273

June’s Cubs Count: 7,690

July’s Cubs Count: 7,201

Total Trades/Donations: 172

Trade States of Origin:
Arizona (2)
Alabama (3)

California (13)

Colorado (4)
Connecticut (10)

Florida (9)

Georgia (3)

Idaho (3)
Illinois (14)
Indiana (4)

Iowa (2)


Kentucky (2)
Maryland (7)
Massachusetts (4)

Minnesota (2)

Missouri (2)



New Hampshire
New Jersey (10)

New Mexico (2)
New York (14)
North Carolina (5)
Ohio (6)

Oregon (2)
Pennsylvania (4)

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Tennessee (4)
Texas (6)

Virginia (2)
Washington (5)

West Virginia (3)
Wisconsin (10)

Countries of Origin

Canada (1)

Korea (1)

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