Gem Mint 10 Ryne Sandberg Mailday

A pair of excellent trade packages came in on Thursday. My buddy in New York, Andrew, sent some sweet Cubs baseball cards.

Andrew is a big Ryan McMahon collector, and you may remember him from Twitter as @NYHobbyClub. Andrew is no longer on Twitter, but still super collects McMahon. He reached out to me and said he had some Cubs cards to send.

His message was well-timed, as it was just a few days ahead of the National Sports Collectors Convention. Since I enjoy dime and quarter boxes so much, Ryan McMahon was another player to search for when I was hunting good deals.

I was able to find a big stack of McMahon’s and even a cheap autograph and serial numbered cards. In return, Andrew sent me a bubble mailer with two white envelopes inside. In the first labeled, “case hit,” was a first for me. A 1989 Bowman PSA 10 Ryne Sandberg.

In the other envelope included a bunch of 2019 Stadium Club Cubs. Since I was on a buying hiatus ahead of the National, Stadium Club was not a product I bought any of this year. Kris Bryant, Ryne Sandberg, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez…all here!

And a Home Run Challenge from 2019 Topps of Anthony Rizzo. I’ll have to choose wisely on this one.

Earlier in the week I received trade packages from the states of Vermont, Louisiana, and Mississippi for the first time in 2019. Another new state has been added: South Dakota. Thanks to Erik as South Dakota becomes the 41st state to contribute to the One Million Cubs Project in 2019. Erik’s package included a little bit of everything including this Brett Jackson Top 100 Prospects card from 2011. It would be a fun side project to collect all of these Top 100 Prospects sets from Bowman.

Rock Shoulders. Not too many better baseball names than that. And at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, Mr. Shoulders lived up to his name. Here’s a green chrome refractor from 2013 Bowman.

Going back to the Top 100 Prospects set. I love prospects. One of the international free agents I was excited for the Cubs to sign was Aramis Ademan. Ademan in the 2018 and 2019 Bowman products.

Another prospect is Nico Hoerner, who is in the Top 100 Prospects of all Major League Baseball.

Jeimer Candelario was a Cubs prospect that was traded away (to the Detroit Tigers). I actually have Candelario’s locker room name plate from his short-lived stint with the Chicago Cubs. It had been hidden away until I finally brought it into the light and display it with my Cubs autograph ball wall.

Some Candelario Cubs cards were in this package including the 2012 Bowman and Bowman Chrome, 2016 Bowman, and 2016 Topps.

My second favorite Cubs player (behind Javier Baez) is Willson Contreras and he was well represented.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Thursday’s (8/8/2019) Cards: 554

Thursday’s (8/8/2019) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,651

May’s Cubs Count: 7,273

June’s Cubs Count: 7,690

July’s Cubs Count: 10,803

August’s Cubs Count: 8,541

Total Trades/Donations: 197

Trade States of Origin:
Arizona (2)
Alabama (3)

California (15)

Colorado (4)
Connecticut (11)

Florida (9)

Georgia (3)

Idaho (3)
Illinois (16)
Indiana (5)

Iowa (2)


Kentucky (2)

Maryland (8)
Massachusetts (6)

Minnesota (3)


Missouri (2)



New Hampshire
New Jersey (11)

New Mexico (2)
New York (16)
North Carolina (5)
Ohio (8)

Oregon (3)
Pennsylvania (5)

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota
Tennessee (6)
Texas (6)


Virginia (2)
Washington (5)

West Virginia (4)
Wisconsin (11)

Countries of Origin

Canada (1)

Korea (1)

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