Christmas in September from SoCalHobbyClub

Christmas came in September. My buddy, Andy, the Ryan McMahon super collector, told me he was going to be sending the next package of Cubs baseball cards around Christmas.


Much to my surprise a package from him came Monday. Inside were some 2019 Topps Pro Debut Cubs that I didn’t have. A couple of Miguel Amaya Insert cards

Three Kris Bryant cards pictured with the Iowa Cubs. I love Topps Pro Debut, but never seem to buy any of the product. Maybe I’ll buy a couple boxes to stash around for a rainy day.

He also tossed in a few 2019 Topps Heritage Cubs cards of Albert Almora, Cole Hamels, Ben Zobrist, Yu Darvish, and Jason Heyward.

And…Andy loves to surprise with a case hit. Inside an envelope was some sweet vintage. A 1954 Bowman Frank Baumholtz was inside.

Goalie in the Crease always comes up with unique trade packages.


This time he sent about 25 Cubs baseball cards including a 1980 Topps 5×7 of Dave Kingman.

Also in the box was a Ryne Sandberg starting lineup. I was just blogging about my lack of starting lineup figures.


This is my fourth Cubs Starting Lineup figure.

Bill in Tennessee sent another box of Cubs. This is a Facebook trade, and we have dealt about three times now. His box included a few of my favorite 1990’s cards: 1990 Score Earl Cunningham.

Every once in a while I like to highlight a pile of a random Cubs player from a trade box.


Today it’s going to be Keith Moreland. Moreland spent most of the 1980’s with the Cubs after coming to Chicago from the Philadelphia Phillies.

I’ve always been a fan of the 1985 Donruss Billy Hatcher Rated Rookie card.

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Monday’s (9/16/2019) Cards: 864

Monday’s (9/16/2019) Packages: 3

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,651

May’s Cubs Count: 7,273

June’s Cubs Count: 7,690

July’s Cubs Count: 10,803

August’s Cubs Count: 11,929

September’s Cubs Count: 7,176

Total Trades/Donations: 242


Trade States of Origin:
Arizona (3)
Alabama (5)

California (20)

Colorado (5)
Connecticut (12)


Florida (9)

Georgia (3)

Idaho (3)
Illinois (18)
Indiana (5)

Iowa (2)


Kentucky (2)

Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (9)

Minnesota (3)


Missouri (3)



New Hampshire (2)
New Jersey (12)

New Mexico (3)
New York (22)
North Carolina (6)
Ohio (12)

Oregon (3)
Pennsylvania (6)

Rhode Island (2)

South Carolina

South Dakota
Tennessee (8)
Texas (7)


Vermont (3)

Virginia (2)
Washington (5)

West Virginia (7)
Wisconsin (12)

Countries of Origin

Canada (1)

Korea (1)

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