Billy Williams Coin Card and I’ve Been Hudson'd

Hudson’d – meaning a Cubs trade package includes a 2012 Triple Play Orlando Hudson baseball card.

This particular card is the most often mistaken for Cubs card in all my trades. The 2012 Triple Play Orlando Hudson has been sent to me more than a dozen times. It does look appear to be a Cubs card as Hudson is wearing a dark blue jersey on the card and it only lists “Chicago” as the team.

The jersey color choice is a head scratcher. Hudson is a member of Chicago…the American League team White Sox. Black and white are the main colors for the team, while the other Chicago team is mainly blue. Orlando Hudson never did play for the Cubs, so it’s easy for me to put it in the proper box (White Sox), though moe I may have to keep a couple in my collection because it’s so often mistaken for a Cubs card.

Thanks to Damon in Ohio for sending a 2013 Topps Heritage Billy Williams coin card hand numbered 2/15. The coin is a nickel from 1964. This may be my first Cubs coin card in my collection. I really need to get my collection organized.

I received another #NAFTA package from Glen in Connecticut. A few Javier Baez cards.

Some Kris Bryant cards…

Brooks Kieschnick recently celebrated a birthday. Here’s a 1997 Donruss Signature Series autograph Kieschnick.

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