Oddballs, Wiffle Balls, and Kelloggs

One of my trade partners has earned the nickname “Oddball Eddie.” I can’t take that away from him. He was the original, and continues to send boxes filled with oddball goodies.

But for today, I’ll annoint John in New Jersey with the nickname, “Oddball Johnny.” John sent a box of more than 500 Cubs baseball cards including some real goodies.

He included his own box toppers with the box cutouts from 2019 Topps Big League of Kris Bryant. I love this added value that Topps did with Big League on these cutouts.

The 1994 Pinnacle Starburst cards aren’t oddballs, but it’s an oddball to me and this Jose Vizcaino is a card I previously did not have.

How about this Kyle Farnsworth autograph from 2004 Upper Deck. It is a very fancy design with a lot of gold. I like the photo of Farnsworth in a circle like a fancy watch. The autograph itself looks like a cut auto. Really cool card.

This is a new Mike Bielecki baseball card for my collection. Sure, I have about 400 copies of the 1989 Topps Mike Bielecki card, but none this off centered. I like it, and it will be counted as a variation in my own collection.

Another non-oddball, but a really cool vintage card. I don’t like this card so much because it’s a Nelson Mathews rookie card from 1963 Topps. Nope, it’s because that White Sox pitcher in the bottom left corner is none other than New York Knicks basketball great Dave DeBusschere.

Love me some Kellogg’s 3-D Superstars. Dave Kingman is from thé 1981 set. Bill Buckner from the 1982 set, and thé Léon Durham is from 1983.

More Kelloggs. This well-loved Don Kessinger is from the 1971 Kelloggs 3-D Superstars set.

Had to add this sweet 1991 Classic Best Earl Cunningham Peoria Chiefs card. Sadly, I’m still waiting on a couple TTM returns from Earl. I really thought my last attempt would get a response. I’ve actually had two of his former minor league baseball teammates reach out to me attempting to find Mr. Cunningham. To my knowledge he’s back in his home State of South Carolina working as a painter.

Finally, this is one cool oddball I didn’t know existed. At first glance, I thought it was a regular Jose Cardenal disc I already had in my Cubs baseball card collection.

Then, I turned it over. Whaaaaat?

That’s sweet! These were made in 1976 and I had no idea it existed.

Dave in Philly sent a package with about 25 Cubs baseball cards. Hey, look at these. A couple of serial numbered cards. And this Addison Russell Topps Chrome is numbered 50/50. Nice!

One Million Cubs Project Stats
Friday’s (9/27/2019) Cards: 528

Friday’s (9/27/2019) Packages: 2

January’s Cubs Count: 9,343

February’s Cubs Count: 8,980

March’s Cubs Count: 15,704

April’s Cubs Count: 11,651

May’s Cubs Count: 7,273

June’s Cubs Count: 7,690

July’s Cubs Count: 10,803

August’s Cubs Count: 11,929

September’s Cubs Count: 9,055

Total Trades/Donations: 250

Trade States of Origin:
Arizona (4)
Alabama (5)

California (20)

Colorado (5)
Connecticut (13)


Florida (9)

Georgia (3)

Idaho (3)
Illinois (19)
Indiana (5)

Iowa (2)


Kentucky (2)

Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (10)

Minnesota (3)


Missouri (4)



New Hampshire (2)
New Jersey (13)

New Mexico (3)
New York (22)
North Carolina (6)
Ohio (13)

Oregon (3)
Pennsylvania (7)

Rhode Island (2)

South Carolina

South Dakota
Tennessee (8)
Texas (7)


Vermont (3)

Virginia (2)
Washington (5)

West Virginia (7)
Wisconsin (12)

Countries of Origin

Canada (1)

Korea (2)

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