Remembering The Short Cubs Careers of Bob Tewksbury and Angel Salazar

It was a busy non-hobby weekend, so I’m a bit behind. A college friend and his wife were in town so we watched my high school alma mater in the Illinois state quarterfinals on TV, then hit up a sports bar for the Iowa/Minnesota game, went to the comedy club on Saturday night, then my wife and I had court side seats for the Wisconsin/Marquette men’s basketball game on Sunday.

A few packages filled with Cubs baseball cards awaited me as I start the new week. Paul, my trade partner in Lisle, Illinois, sent me a couple envelopes. One included Manny Trillo, Mark Grace, and Derrick May.

The second envelope was a much needed addition to the collection. This card goes into my Javier Baez collection. It’s a 2019 Allen & Ginter box loader.

Another envelope arrived that was unexpected. @PKSteinberg is a wonderful follow on Twitter, and he sent an envelope that included Gabby Hartnett (1991 Conlon Collection), Don Baylor (2000 Topps), Rod Beck (1999 Topps), and Sammy Sosa (2002 Topps).

Rob in Michigan sent a box with more than 140 Cubs baseball cards inside. A couple of Cubs rookies from the early 1990’s. Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out for Ryan Hawblitzel or Greg Smith.

Remember Bob Tewksbury? You probably do, but more as a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. His baseball career started in the Yankees organization making his big league debut in 1986. Tewksbury got a Cubs card with 1988 Topps after he was acquired via trade in 1987. The Yankees shipped Tewksbury to Chicago (along with Rich Scheid and Dean Wilkins) in exchange for pitcher Steve Trout. Tewksbury didn’t last with the northsiders as he became a free agent at the end of the 1988 season and signed with the Cardinals.

Random Cubs for $1,000, Alex. This Angel appeared in 34 games for the Chicago Cubs during the 1988 season. Who is Salazar? Correct (bad Jeopardy! joke). Those 34 games were the last for the shortstop ending a five-year career in Major League Baseball.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned this week as I make another trip to the Chicago Sports Spectacular in Rosemont. This is the same venue that hosted the National this past summer. I do have a couple bulk trades lined up at the show, and I am excited to go bargain hunting in those dime, quarter, and dollar boxes.

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