Does the Term Bowman Paper Annoy You?

Yasharkbos came through with another box of Cubs baseball cards. Check Yasharkbos out on Twitter, they are a great follow. Let’s take a look inside…

Always love the Javier Baez cards. Because I don’t have my collection organized, I don’t really have an idea of which cards I actually don’t have. However, I do know some cards I need such as the 2018 Panini Spectrum. It’s a super thick card that I really like for my collection, but I really dislike them from a selling stand point because they are a bit too thick for a plain white envelope (PWE). These cards also fall in the PWE pricing structure I have on sales (a couple dollars) in that they are not worth it to a buyer to pay the $3+ shipping in a bubble mailer. But in this case…I love this Baez. The 2018 Topps Update gold may or may not already be in my collection.

The 2017 Bowman Mark Zagunis purple is numbered 37/250. This is a “paper” purple. Some in the hobby get really annoyed by calling the Bowman non-chrome cards, paper. I really don’t mind because technically they are paper. Well, cardboard, but Bowman Paper sounds better than Bowman Cardboard.

A pair of Jon Lester colors from 2015 Bowman Chrome. The green parallel is numbered 39/99. The 2019 Donruss Optic purple parallel is numbered 65/125.

I’ve said it often that I love Elite Extra Edition, so I’ll stop. But I have to show off the 2018 Elite Extra Edition D.J. Wilson numbered 136/150.

Look at this Ryno! A 2013 Panini Essence of the Game Ryne Sandberg insert. It’s clear, and I really like it.

Back to Elite Extra Edition, and there are some sets from the past decade that are not well represented in my collection. The 2015 set is one of those I’m lacking numbers. Here’s a Willson Contreras.

Two Topps Chrome refractors of players that just happen to be in the news about potential trades. Kris Bryant seems to be the likeliest Chicago Cub to be dealt this offseason. Willson Contreras has also been popular in trade rumors. I hope neither of them get traded.

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