Chicago Cubs Coins from Baseball Treasures

Cubs Convention 2020 is in the books, and the One Million Cubs Project is behind. A complete review of the convention is forthcoming, but it’s time to recap some trades while I was out.

Just before I left for downtown Chicago, a package from Rick in Massuchusetts came, and it was filled with Baseball Treasures…literally.

Baseball Treasures are MLB licensed coins that come in boxes, much like baseball cards. Just like packs of baseball cards, hits are included in some boxes. The hits come in the form of real silver and real gold coins.

Anthony Rizzo is included in the Baseball Treasures coin checklist. Here is what they look like from the front.​​SMLXL

And here’s the backside. Very nice coins.​​SMLXL

This package wasn’t just coins, though. A couple 2016 Topps Now holiday highlights cards that feature Kris Bryant along with Gary Sanchez.​​SMLXL

A Cubs fan can never have enough Ryne Sandberg rookie cards like this 1983 Donruss.​​SMLXL

Jake Arrieta jersey relic from 2016 Topps Update. I do like the fact they used a picture of Arrieta in his Cubs uniform, and not the All Star Game uniform. Those were the 1980’s-era San Diego Padres style, hence the brown jersey relic on this card.​​SMLXL

By the way, you can also follow Baseball Treasures on Twitter. What a cool and unique mail day. Thanks, Rick. 

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