Reviewing the Fetch Rewards Cashback App

Pushing products and cash back apps has not really been my thing. Not until I discovered Fetch Rewards and began using it for a couple weeks.

I have pushed the EBay Bucks program because it’s free money. As long as you are signed up, you receive cash back on the purchases you are already making. At the beginning of each quarter ebay gives you a coupon for the amount you earned in the past quarter. Fetch Rewards is basically the same premise. You are earning cash back on purchases you already make. I will circle back on how it works.


In early January my wife and I went to a Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball game against Illinois. We met a co-worker before the game for a couple drinks and he was with a friend. His friend works for Fetch Rewards and we briefly talked about the app. Later that night I downloaded the app and used it a day or two later with a grocery receipt.

The first two weeks I used it sparingly, and did not promote my referral code. I wanted to use it for a little bit and see if it was something I was comfortable promoting.

With the Cubs Convention approaching I had picked up some Coors Light for the weekend. Fetch Rewards had a points promotion for Coors products. If you spent $30 on Coors products over a period of four weeks you received 4,000 points.


What does that mean? Here’s how the point structure works. Every 1,000 points equals one dollar in cash back through gift cards. Basically any retailer that offers gift cards is available on the Fetch Rewards app. eBay, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, and for my wife…Nordstrom.

Fetch has teamed up with several companies that offer a bonus when you purchase products. For example, if you buy some Kraft cheese for $4.00, you’ll get 40 points. After understanding how it worked I am searching the app to see which companies I can earn more points from. Most products I don’t have a preference on brand, so if I’m buying bacon I will check to see which company is on Fetch Rewards.

Do you not buy name brand? Fetch Rewards will still offer points. Each receipt you upload will net you 25 points. Stopping at the gas station for a soda? Upload your receipt for 25 points. Don’t forget to save your gas receipts. Those count, too. Another 25 points. Wal-Mart and Target receipts? Yes, those count, also. Even prescriptions from Walgreens will get you 25 points.


You will earn some points by those 25-point receipts, but you’ll really gain traction by those bonus deals like the Coors mentioned above. There is a home page that features special deals. Right now I just have a few such as Leinenkugels and Saint Archer Gold beer.

Referrals are another quick way to gain points. Typically, you receive 2,000 points per referral once that person uploads a receipt. They will also get 2,000 points for using the referral code. Often, usually weekends, you can get bonus referral points. This weekend you get 7,000 points for every two referrals.

I began using other cash back apps after using a Fetch Rewards and none of them compare. Rakuten is good, but I have to remember to use their app for purchases. Receipt Hog was not taking on new users. Ibotta is terribly difficult to navigate and find savings. Receipt Pal also has a hard to use platform. Fetch Rewards is as easy as it gets. Take a picture of your receipt and receive points instantly.


Initially, my goal was to rack up a couple hundred dollars and purchase an Ernie Banks rookie card at the end of the year. I have already earned enough points to buy a low grade Banks rookie with money left over.

Try it out and use my referral code UNP3X.

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