Paging the Bobby Parnell Collector

Weird, right? Yes, I’m putting out an all points bulletin for a trading partner I have lost track of. At some point in 2018 or 2019, I received a package of Cubs baseball cards from a fellow hobbyist.


One tip when trading: include your information inside the package. Often I pull the contents within and toss the bubble mailer. If there is a note inside I will usually hang onto it. But not all the time.

You’ve seen some of my card room pictures and more times than not it’s a mess. One of my goals in the hobby for 2020 was to be more organized in tracking my trade partners. It’s a constant battle, and I’m still needing a lot of improvement.

Sometime in 2018 or 2019 I received a trade package of Cubs baseball cards. Not only did this trade partner include his information inside the package…he sent me a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to return a couple Bobby Parnell baseball cards.

I really screwed this one up. Not only did I toss the bubble mailer, I misplaced the SASE. At the time I had not found any Parnell cards, and he’s a pretty common player with a minimum amount of cards. So, I had set aside the envelope for the time I could pull a couple Parnells.

In the ensuing months I found a couple Parnell cards….but where was that envelope? No worries, I thought. I’ll just send my own and his contact information couldn’t be too hard to find. I shifted through my Twitter direct messages first. That’s where most of my trades originate. Nothing. Then I went to my email inbox. Still, nothing. Okay, I’ll just tweet something out and he’ll respond or someone will know the Bobby Parnell collector.

Crickets. About a week later I sent out another tweet. More crickets. I waited a month. Another tweet. Another round of silence. Where’s the Bobby Parnell collector? If you’re reading this, please reach out to me. I now have a small stack of Bobby Parnell baseball cards to send your way. And my apologies for being careless on this trade.

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