Dawson’s From Deak

One of my perennial trade partners sent a package last week that included some big time hits. Mike from Indiana has hooked me up with some pretty cool Cubs items in the past, and even some great photos he took of Gleyber Torres as a minor leaguer.


A couple cards in this package feature Andre Dawson, and we’ll get the “Hawk” in just a bit. Let’s take a look at some of the other cards from Mr. Deak. A new Ernie Banks “card” for the collection.

Yes, I do count stamps as cards in my pursuit of One Million Cubs baseball cards. I have a few of these stamps, but this is my first Banks. I picked up several of these stamps out of a quarter box at the National last year.


Donnie Dewees was the Cubs’ second round draft pick in 2015. He was shipped off to the Kansas City Royals, but made a return to the Cubs organization. Here’s a 2015 Bowman Draft Chrome autographed Dewees card.

The 1964 Topps Giants were dispensed in vending machines. At one time I had purchased a huge lot of these on eBay. That was probably 15 years ago and over time I had pieced them out and sold as singles.


The Cubs were kept of course, and now I have another Ron Santo to add to my collection.

On to the Andre Dawson’s. Bat relics are among my favorite of the relic genre. They have a little more character than plain jersey swatches. What captures my eye the most with this 2001 SP Legendary Cuts is the golden background along with Dawson’s image in black and white. It’s a nice contrast.

This Andre Dawson relic really caught my eye. It really pops. Honestly, I thought this was produced within the last two or three years. Boy, was I wrong. This Dawson relic, with the blue pinstripe on the swatch, was made in 2005. What a beautiful card, especially for being 15 years old.

Finally, a non-Cubs addition. It’s a Chicago Bears WGN pocket schedule for the 1985 Chicago Bears. That’s Walter Payton on the front of the schedule, and yes this is the same season as the Super Bowl Shuffling crew. I am torn on this piece. It doesn’t fit my collection, though I do keep a few Bears items as part of my PC. It may be paid forward to somebody close to me that is a much bigger “Sweetness” fan.

Another great trade with Mike.

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