Top Ten Most Read Posts from June 2020

Check out these popular posts from the One Million Cubs Project for the month of June 2020.

#10 – My Card Show Return

Before the pandemic I worked to get some quarter boxes and dollar boxes ready to set up at card shows locally in Madison, Wisconsin throughout the year. Unfortunately, to date I’ve only been able to set up at one show. This was my review setting a table at a card show for the first time in several years.


#9 – Cubs Release Minor Leaguers

The Chicago Cubs had to release some minor league players and one week several organizations let loose dozens of players. That week the Cubs released 28 minor leaguers, including one who had been a top prospect in Chicago’s organization in the past.


#8 – Benefits of PWE Shipping

As a volume buyer I am always on the lookout to buy cards on the cheap, and save costs shipping as well. I’ve discovered many benefits of shipping cards and buying cards in plain white envelopes. This article outlines the benefits, do’s and don’ts of shipping PWE.


#7 – Buying Collections

Have you ever seen a fellow collector post a truckload full of baseball cards? You wonder why you never find any collections like that. Well, here are some tips to finding and pricing large baseball card collections.


#6 – Pandemic Brings Back Collectors

In the first guest post published on this website, Loren from Colorado wrote about his discovering the One Million Cubs Project, and how the COVID-19 quarantine took him into the attic to rediscover the hobby.


#5 – My Best-Ever Craigslist Find

It’s been about 18 months since my last Craigslist collection find, but this one is still paying off. I have several singles from this collection in my eBay Store, and sell a couple cards a day from this find. Take a look at all the baseball cards and sports memorabilia that I found for a steal of a deal.


#4 – Make Money Selling Baseball Cards

I wouldn’t suggest quitting your day job to sell baseball cards full time. But, flipping trading cards can be a very profitable side hustle or part time job. There are several ways to make money selling baseball cards as this article outlines.


#3 – Growing Up in a Junk Wax World

Baseball cards were HUGE in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. It coincided with my formative years much like many other collectors I’ve met on social media. This is my story of growing up during the junk wax era.


#2 – Bowman Mega Box 20-Box Break

I got lucky and was able to buy 20 Bowman Mega Boxes when they were released. I ripped all 20 of them, and the results were absolute fire. Check out my 2020 Bowman Mega Box hits.


#1 – My Experience With a PWE Scammer

While I am a big proponent of shipping PWE…there are some bad guys in the hobby that take advantage of not having tracking. I ran into one of these guys, and while I hesitate to call them out because it’s a he-said, she-said…there was too much similar evidence of this guy on eBay doing the same thing. Block johkoprowsk_0 on eBay.

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