Saving Money on Stamps

It’s widely known if you have followed me on Twitter or even this blog how I love utilizing the United States Post Office and plain white envelopes (PWE from here on out).

If you’re new, please check out my reasons why I love using PWE to ship and receive low dollar baseball cards. Further, I made a video detailing a proper technique to safely ship via the PWE method.


Okay, moving on. A few weeks ago Carl reached out to me via Twitter direct message. He said he had something to send me. A PWE arrived from Carl, and the first thing I noticed were the stamps he used.

Wow! Old stamps from the Olympics. This is really cool. Little did I know that this entire envelope would be about that very subject, and that it would save me a lot of money in the near future.

So, inside the envelope was a Cubs baseball card. It was a 1958 Topps Sammy Taylor card. By the way…this is why I love this project…I can tie in so many cool stories about various collectors. I have a connection with Sammy Taylor with my buddy Justin whom I met at the National last year. Then…Justin randomly sent me a 1955 Bowman Bob Talbot Cubs card, and I looked on the back to see Talbot and I shared the same birthday (June 6…Bob in 1928 and I in 1982).


Back to Carl and these awesome stamps. He included five more PWE inside already stamped with vintage stamps.

His note said that he became a stamp collector and buys old collections. As long as stamps are not post marked, they are still worth the amount printed on the front. So, with the extra stamps he sells them in bulk. That is so cool!


Carl also added a few baseball stamps, including Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson.

He also broke down the price structure, as he pre-stamps all the envelopes. Doing the math in my head I quickly realized that his price point will save me a significant amount of money.


It did not take me long to put in an order for 500 pre-stamped envelopes and they arrived with some stamps on the flat rate box, of course.

I have already begun using these on my PWE, and there is an assortment of different subjects on the stamps. I try to match up envelopes with stamps that match a geographical area I am sending, or sport specifics (one I sent out this evening was an Allen Iverson basketball card in which I sent an envelope with a 20-cent history of basketball stamp).


Carl included his business card, so here is his information if you wish to save a few bucks on stamps. He might be able to help you out.

Thanks so much to Carl, as this was a unique package that turned into some cost savings on my end.

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