Introducing The Hobby Evolution: A Video Journal

Having a broadcasting background, every once in a while I have had the itch to do some sort of podcast. When the pandemic hit and we were sheltering in place I began to experiment with a Chicago Cubs interview podcast.

However…I have not adapted to the current technological times and combined with how much my eBay sales were increasing the idea was scrapped. It continues to be in the back of my mind, but I didn’t want to do another podcast. There are already many great hobby podcasts out there. But…I love to talk, and I love to talk about the hobby.

This synergy surrounding hobby podcasting has been whirling around me for about a week. Already with the idea of podcasting in the back of my head, it began to grow over the past week. First, it was Bean’s Ballcard Blog that mentioned something about doing more videos because he can hammer out much more video content in the time it takes him to write one blog post.


Another was the debut of TX Card Dude’s podcast, which encompasses a wide variety of hobby takes. An interesting concept, I thought. In one of my goal posts in either 2018 or 2019 I laid out a plan to utilize video and my Youtube channel. That never came to fruition, so here I am.

My idea was born thanks to many others in the hobby podcast realm, though I do not consider The Hobby Evolution a podcast. It’s an online video journal documenting my chase to one million Cubs baseball cards. Initially, when I was thinking of a name One Million Cubs Video Diary, or Online Video Journal were working titles.

As I started to lay out topics for future shows, my evolution with the One Million Cubs Project and my hobby evolution was something I wanted to discuss. Hobby Evolution. I like that. The name was born.


In my debut video journal, I discuss my background, how the video journal idea was born, and what happened the previous day in the hobby for me. Future episodes will always detail what my current tasks are within the hobby (my eBay sales, maildays, updated project stats, etc.).

Thanks for reading, watching, and please hit subcribe to my Youtube Channel.

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