Cubs Minor League Diaries (7/12/1966): Robert Eyer

The Chicago Cubs Minor League Encyclopedia is a work in-progress that will document biographies on each player who has worn a Cubs minor league uniform. The inception of minor league teams in the Cubs organization dates back to 1922 with the Wichita Falls Spudders.


Below you will read letters to home written by Cubs minor league player Robert Eyer. Eyer is an interesting baseball prospect because at the same time he was playing Little League he was also appearing on televisions in the early 1960’s.

Robert “Bobby” Eyer – Chicago Cubs Minor Leaguer

“Bobby” Eyer had credits in a few television shows and movies. Most notably was an appearance playing a character named Kevin in an episode of Leave it to Beaver in 1962. Other credits include: U.S. Marshall (1959), The Man from Blackhawk (1959), The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960), and Back Street (1961).

Eyer was a good baseball player and signed with the Chicago Cubs after being selected in the 13th round of the 1966 Major League Baseball amateur draft. His first assignment in the organization was with the Treasure Valley Cubs in 1966. That franchise was based in Caldwell, Idaho, and that’s the season in which the below letters were sent back to his family in California.


July 12, 1966

Dear Rich,

Well there really isn’t a lot to say but I thought I would write and tell you what I have been doing. My social life isn’t real great cause there isn’t much to do or much time to do it in. There are never any parties here and there is only one dance a week. That is on Saturday night but I haven’t been here for any of them yet.

The guy I go around with most of the time is the Cubs number one pick. He got $55,000 – he was also the number five pick in the nation. However he isn’t conceited or anything. His name is Dean Burk (pitcher). He is 6’5 – 215 with long blonde hair and is pretty good with the girls. He is from Illinois.

We have met some girls but haven’t got anything going yet. We play every night and the games don’t get over til about 11:15. That is what time we get out of the ball park I mean. And at home we have a curfew of 1:00. So by the time we get something going (also eat) and find some place it is usually time to be in. If we are late it costs us $25 and it doubles every time after that. We get fined $50 if we have girls in our rooms here at the hotel. Also it is $50 if we get caught playing cards for money.

The Beau Brummels are playing at a dance concert in Boise Thursday night. I think I’m going to get there somehow. It is only about 20 miles. I just watched the All Star game and when Wills knocked in the winning run I sure let everyone know it. No one on the team likes the Dodgers, as a matter of fact they all hate ’em. There is no one on the team from L.A. The only California boys are from San Diego and San Francisco.

My roommate sort of bugs me. He is ugly and always wants to follow me around. He cuts about 40 or 50 farts a day. It really gets on my nerves. The coaches we had were Lou Klein and Fred Martin. I don’t know if you have ever heard of them or not. They both played in the majors. They move from team to team. They just left us the other day. They also coach the Cubs.

Lou Klein used to be one of the managers when the Cubs used to have all those managers. You know one every two weeks or so. Well I don’t have much more to say for now but I’m not going to mail this until tomorrow so I’ll write some more about tonight’s game. By the way let me know if Jean ever got my letter. Well I’ll write some more later.


Well it is tonight and I didn’t get to play. Oh well. So I guess there isn’t much to say. I just found this batting lineup on the ground and thought I would send it. I don’t know why.

By the way I have to get out of here by about the 26th of August. You got to dig up some papers dealing with Santa Monica C.C. to get me out. About six other guys are leaving so it isn’t as if I were the only one. Bye for now and I’ll call soon.



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