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It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted a blog entry. A good one as I celebrated reaching the half way point of collecting one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards.

About three months ago I finally decided to put my web cam and Blue Yeti microphone to good use by starting a video journal. Hobby Evolution was born as a daily live video journal chronicling my journey collecting, buying, selling, and trading baseball cards.

Hobby Evolution Video Journal

I’ve only missed one day publishing Hobby Evolution, and that was planned as I went out of town to visit family at my brother’s cabin this summer. The idea of Hobby Evolution was born out of wanting to get some use out of my camera and microphone, but mainly from a comment my friend Kin (a.k.a. Bean’s Ballcard Blog) made about how much simpler making video content was over blogging.

That statement could not have been more accurate, and while I enjoy doing Hobby Evolution every morning before work, it has led to laziness on my part to avoid writing. So, here we are.

Much like how every other plan for 2020 has gone up in smoke, my focus and goals for the year continue to change, err….evolve. Heading into the fourth quarter of the year, my goal of collecting 500,000 Cubs baseball cards was already met. With the extra time going into pumping up my eBay Store I wanted to establish some daily sales goals. Through two weeks, I am crushing my goals I set, and have aimed for a higher number the rest of the way.

With my focus for the rest of the year on sales in my eBay Store, I have fallen behind in regular blog updates. Trades continue to be made, and Cubs cards continue to arrive…but I’m lagging behind with my blog updates.

This must change, and I need to find my writing rhythm again. I am going to find that balance of trying to write a new blog post each day in addition to tending to my eBay Store and trades for the One Million Cubs Project.

Stay tuned!

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