2020 Panini Contenders Baseball Review

While I was out and about searching for retail baseball cards, I stumbled upon some recently released blaster boxes of 2020 Panini Contenders baseball cards.


Panini Contenders is an okay product, and since I was only able to find a little bit of Topps Update, I wanted to pick up some Contenders for the rip. Just an enjoyment rip.

Panini Contenders, in my opinion, is probably the ugliest design of all baseball products. Still, I do like the content and I wanted to pull some Cubs cards. Moreso, this product has cards and autographs of 2020 Cubs first round draft pick Ed Howard.

It is a fun rip for a $20 blaster box and you are even guaranteed an autograph in each box (*on average). Fortunately, I did pull an autograph out of each box. Unfortunately, all four autos are redemptions.

Of the four autograph redemptions, the Sam Hilliard sold quickly on eBay for $7. I know the buyer, Beth, as we have conducted several trades and she said it was find to just send her the code without mailing the redemption card. The Jesus Luzardo redemption just sold for $9. Both Isan Diaz redemptions are still available in my eBay Store.


Let’s get to the Cubbies! A Kris Bryant season ticket card. There’s just a lot going on here, and I don’t quite understand the season ticket angle. Does Game 27, Section 230, Row 65, Seat 17 have any meaning?

The Javier Baez season ticket card also features Game 27, with a different seat. Always nice to add another Baez card to my collection.

And Anthony Rizzo is Game 30. This is my least favorite of the three as the Rizzo image is really bland. At least on the Bryant you can see part of his last name and jersey number on his jersey, and his “17” in red on his ankle guard. Plus there’s his brown belt, so it adds some different color. This Rizzo is just blue and gray. Really boring.


I scored, though, as I pulled a second Javier Baez. This from the Winning Tickets insert set. I like this design much better than the Season Ticket design.

After opening these boxes, I did go shopping. Stay tuned for what I found.

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