2020 Bowman Draft First Edition Checklist and Preview

Once again Topps has released an online exclusive product. Collectors are buying everything so Topps continues to feed the beast. We are the beasts eating up everything Topps throws at us. I am a sucker for Bowman, so I ordered some 2020 Bowman Draft First Edition.


What Is Bowman Draft First Edition

First edition is a newly created product in 2020 that began with Bowman First Edition ahead of the flagship Bowman release. The cards are basically the same as the parent version only with a stamp “1st Edition,” and sold exclusively on the Topps website. The product sold out a few hours after it was released.

Cost of Bowman Draft First Edition

Unlike other online exclusives, Bowman Draft First Edition was sold for a reasonable price of $15 per pack. Each pack contains 10 cards.

Chicago Cubs Checklist Preview

This product will be the first Bowman cards of 2020 Chicago Cubs draft picks Ed Howard, Burl Carraway, Luke Little, and Jordan Nwogu. Also on the checklist are Miguel Amaya, Ryan Jensen, and Brennen Davis. Hopefully we get to see a different image on the Davis card as his previous two Bowman cards have been the same image.


2020 Bowman Draft First Edition Checklist

BD-1 Niko Hulsizer Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-2 Jackson Kowar Kansas City Royals®
BD-3 Korey Lee Houston Astros®
BD-4 Milan Tolentino Cleveland Indians®
BD-5 Jeter Downs Boston Red Sox®
BD-6 Hans Crouse Texas Rangers®
BD-7 Mike Siani Cincinnati Reds®
BD-8 Dane Acker Oakland Athletics™
BD-9 Ryan Jensen Chicago Cubs®
BD-10 Shane Baz Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-11 Trei Cruz Detroit Tigers®
BD-12 Emerson Hancock Seattle Mariners™
BD-13 Joey Cantillo Cleveland Indians®
BD-14 Nick Loftin Kansas City Royals®
BD-15 Rece Hinds Cincinnati Reds®
BD-16 Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves™
BD-17 Jesse Franklin V Atlanta Braves™
BD-18 Kaden Polcovich Seattle Mariners™
BD-19 Ben Hernandez Kansas City Royals®
BD-20 Spencer Strider Atlanta Braves™
BD-21 Tyler Brown Houston Astros®
BD-22 Keoni Cavaco Minnesota Twins®
BD-23 Case Williams Colorado Rockies™
BD-24 Cade Cavalli Washington Nationals®
BD-25 Burl Carraway Chicago Cubs®
BD-26 Daniel Espino Cleveland Indians®
BD-27 Oswald Peraza New York Yankees®
BD-28 Zach DeLoach Seattle Mariners™
BD-29 Nick Yorke Boston Red Sox®
BD-30 Clayton Beeter Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-31 Joe Ryan Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-32 Jordan Groshans Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-33 Gage Workman Detroit Tigers®
BD-34 Austin Hendrick Cincinnati Reds®
BD-35 Jimmy Glowenke San Francisco Giants®
BD-36 Ryan Rolison Colorado Rockies™
BD-37 Logan Gilbert Seattle Mariners™
BD-38 Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-39 Robert Hassell San Diego Padres™
BD-40 JJ Goss Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-41 Reid Detmers Angels®
BD-42 Michael Busch Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-43 Chris McMahon Colorado Rockies™
BD-44 Xavier Edwards Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-45 Alec Burleson St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-46 Freddy Zamora Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-47 Travis Swaggerty Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-48 Sammy Infante Washington Nationals®
BD-49 Owen Caissie San Diego Padres™
BD-50 Max Meyer Miami Marlins®
BD-51 Logan Allen Cleveland Indians®
BD-52 Landon Knack Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-53 Quinn Priester Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-54 Colt Keith Detroit Tigers®
BD-55 Jarren Duran Boston Red Sox®
BD-56 Austin Wells New York Yankees®
BD-57 Jordan Walker St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-58 Jordan Balazovic Minnesota Twins®
BD-59 Masyn Winn St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-60 Carson Tucker Cleveland Indians®
BD-61 Nick Bitsko Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-62 Daniel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
BD-63 Marco Raya Minnesota Twins®
BD-64 Kyle Nicolas Miami Marlins®
BD-65 Oneil Cruz Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-66 Hunter Barnhart Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-67 Cole Henry Washington Nationals®
BD-68 Tristen Lutz Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-69 Petey Halpin Cleveland Indians®
BD-70 Jared Jones Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-71 Connor Phillips Seattle Mariners™
BD-72 Pete Crow-Armstrong New York Mets®
BD-73 Casey Martin Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-74 Bryce Bonnin Cincinnati Reds®
BD-75 Daniel Lynch Kansas City Royals®
BD-76 Tekoah Roby Texas Rangers®
BD-77 Isaiah Greene New York Mets®
BD-78 Tyler Freeman Cleveland Indians®
BD-79 Heliot Ramos San Francisco Giants®
BD-80 Miguel Amaya Chicago Cubs®
BD-81 Nick Gonzales Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-82 DL Hall Baltimore Orioles®
BD-83 Triston Casas Boston Red Sox®
BD-84 Christian Chamberlain Kansas City Royals®
BD-85 Slade Cecconi Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-86 Tink Hence St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-87 Adisyn Coffey Chicago White Sox®
BD-88 Asa Lacy Kansas City Royals®

BD-89 Geraldo Perdomo Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-90 Nick Garcia Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-91 Nick Swiney San Francisco Giants®
BD-92 Matthew Dyer New York Mets®
BD-93 CJ Van Eyk Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-94 Alerick Soularie Minnesota Twins®
BD-95 Garrett Crochet Chicago White Sox®
BD-96 Ian Seymour Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-97 Zavier Warren Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-98 Ed Howard Chicago Cubs®
BD-99 Justin Lange San Diego Padres™
BD-100 Ian Bedell St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-101 Aaron Shortridge Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-102 Trevor Larnach Minnesota Twins®

BD-103 David Calabrese Angels®
BD-104 Quin Cotton Cincinnati Reds®
BD-105 Luke Little Chicago Cubs®
BD-106 Drew Romo Colorado Rockies™
BD-107 Zac Veen Colorado Rockies™
BD-108 Brady McConnell Kansas City Royals®
BD-109 Sam Weatherly Colorado Rockies™
BD-110 Jordan Nwogu Chicago Cubs®
BD-111 Jordan Westburg Baltimore Orioles®
BD-112 Zach McCambley Miami Marlins®
BD-113 Trevor Hauver New York Yankees®
BD-114 Corbin Carroll Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-115 Tanner Burns Cleveland Indians®
BD-116 Jackson Miller Cincinnati Reds®
BD-117 Carter Baumler Baltimore Orioles®
BD-118 Garrett Mitchell Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-119 Tyler Soderstrom Oakland Athletics™
BD-120 Holden Powell Washington Nationals®
BD-121 Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers®
BD-122 Heston Kjerstad Baltimore Orioles®
BD-123 Alexander Canario San Francisco Giants®
BD-124 Justin Foscue Texas Rangers®
BD-125 Levi Prater St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-126 Evan Carter Texas Rangers®
BD-127 Bryce Jarvis Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-128 Werner Blakely Angels®
BD-129 Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants®
BD-130 Hudson Haskin Baltimore Orioles®
BD-131 Daxton Fulton Miami Marlins®
BD-132 Luis Gil New York Yankees®
BD-133 Zach Daniels Houston Astros®
BD-134 Jeff Criswell Oakland Athletics™
BD-135 Shane McClanahan Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-136 Alika Williams Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-137 Gilberto Jimenez Boston Red Sox®
BD-138 Trent Palmer Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-139 Alex Santos Houston Astros®
BD-140 Bryson Stott Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-141 Ethan Hankins Cleveland Indians®
BD-142 Kody Hoese Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-143 Francisco Alvarez New York Mets®
BD-144 Dillon Dingler Detroit Tigers®
BD-145 Carson Ragsdale Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-146 Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants®
BD-147 Liam Norris Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-148 RJ Dabovich San Francisco Giants®
BD-149 Carmen Mlodzinski Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-150 AJ Vukovich Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-151 Jasson Dominguez New York Yankees®
BD-152 Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City Royals®
BD-153 Andrew Vaughn Chicago White Sox®
BD-154 Adley Rutschman Baltimore Orioles®
BD-155 Robert Puason Oakland Athletics™
BD-156 Jay Groome Boston Red Sox®
BD-157 Will Klein Kansas City Royals®
BD-158 Zach Britton Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-159 Owen Miller Cleveland Indians®
BD-160 Logan Hofmann Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-161 Ronaldo Hernandez Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-162 Jack Blomgren Colorado Rockies™
BD-163 Adam Seminaris Angels®
BD-164 Bailey Horn Chicago White Sox®
BD-165 Joe Boyle Cincinnati Reds®
BD-166 Ryan Murphy San Francisco Giants®
BD-167 Thomas Saggese Texas Rangers®
BD-168 George Kirby Seattle Mariners™
BD-169 Jeremiah Jackson Angels®
BD-170 Shane Drohan Boston Red Sox®
BD-171 Brandon Pfaadt Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-172 Blake Rutherford Chicago White Sox®
BD-173 Hayden Cantrelle Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-174 Mark Vientos New York Mets®
BD-175 Michael Toglia Colorado Rockies™
BD-176 Mitchell Parker Washington Nationals®
BD-177 Jackson Rutledge Washington Nationals®
BD-178 Anthony Volpe New York Yankees®
BD-179 Nick Lodolo Cincinnati Reds®
BD-180 Riley Greene Detroit Tigers®
BD-181 JJ Bleday Miami Marlins®
BD-182 Kyle Isbel Kansas City Royals®
BD-183 Shea Langeliers Atlanta Braves™
BD-184 Brett Baty New York Mets®
BD-185 Jerar Encarnacion Miami Marlins®
BD-186 Aaron Ashby Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-187 Brennen Davis Chicago Cubs®
BD-188 Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners™
BD-189 CJ Abrams San Diego Padres™
BD-190 Marco Luciano San Francisco Giants®
BD-191 Grayson Rodriguez Baltimore Orioles®
BD-192 Kristian Robinson Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-193 Jordyn Adams Angels®
BD-194 Nolan Gorman St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-195 Alek Thomas Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-196 Hunter Greene Cincinnati Reds®
BD-197 Josh Jung Texas Rangers®
BD-198 Matthew Liberatore St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-199 Ronny Mauricio New York Mets®
BD-200 Hunter Bishop San Francisco Giants®

Chrome First Edition Autograph Checklist

CDA-AL Asa Lacy Kansas City Royals®
CDA-BJA Bryce Jarvis Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-CCA Cade Cavalli Washington Nationals®
CDA-CS Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants®
CDA-CT Carson Tucker Cleveland Indians®
CDA-JC Jeff Criswell Oakland Athletics™
CDA-JF Justin Foscue Texas Rangers®
CDA-JS Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves™
CDA-MM Max Meyer Miami Marlins®
CDA-NB Nick Bitsko Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-PB Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants®
CDA-RD Reid Detmers Angels®
CDA-RHA Robert Hassell San Diego Padres™
CDA-ST Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers®
CDA-ZD Zach DeLoach Seattle Mariners™
CDA-ZV Zac Veen Colorado Rockies™
TOC-HK Heston Kjerstad Baltimore Orioles®


I’m A Buyer

Bowman Draft First Edition was not a product I was initially going to chase. After perusing the checklist and seeing the Cubs players on it, I had to buy. I am very excited to see this year’s draft picks, as well as another Brennen Davis card to add to the collection. More so, because Bowman Draft is a product priced out of what I am willing to pay, so having something similar at a discounted price is very appealing. I bought 20 packs and look forward to ripping 2020 Bowman Draft First Edition.

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