Black Friday Trading Card Deals

It’s Black Friday, and there are great sales to be found in more than just electronics and toys. Baseball cards, and all trading cards, can also be found for sale on various platforms. Here is a guide to find some sales on this day after Thanksgiving.

In a previous blog post, I talked highly of Blowout Cards’ Black Friday sales. It was a holiday for me from 2015 through 2019 waking up really early, putting on the coffee, and clicking refresh throughout the day to find a great buy. Unfortunately, Blowout Cards is not doing their annual sale keeping to a bland 10% storewide.


While disappointing, it’s understandable in the current trading card climate. Everything is selling, so discounts are not needed. However, just because Blowout took this year off, other online retailers are still offering deals.

One Million Cubs eBay Store – 20% Storewide This Weekend

First things first, I’ll toot my own horn. While you have always been able to grab volume discounts in my eBay Store (10% off 3+ items), this weekend I have marked all items, with the exception of 99 cents singles, on sale at 20% off. No gimmicks here. I did not increase prices to make it seem like a better deal than it is (looking at you, Blowout). All prices stayed the same, and the 20% off applies to every item (excluding 99 cents singles) regardless of price or volume you buy. This sale is good through Sunday (11/27/20) evening. And keep an eye out, because I will be adding inventory throughout the weekend.

Dave & Adams Card World

In years past, Dave & Adams Card World has been my number two Black Friday destination for trading card deals. One of my favorite sale was a few years ago grabbing 2009 Topps Update hobby boxes for $20 each. Dave & Adams will be releasing their deals in waves. The first wave unleashed this morning was popular as many items sold out quickly. Make sure to log on right at 6:00 p.m. EST for wave two tonight (Friday 11/27/20).

Steel City Collectibles

Steel City Collectibles is also a frequent stop for me for Black Friday deals. Quite a few items are marked down on their website including some deals on 2020 Topps Update. Panini Prizm Draft Picks basketball is also on sale.


Fanatics has been a go-to for me lately with their Panini Phoenix Fire Burst football set released a few weeks ago. Fanatics also had exclusive Prizm football boxes available in limited quantity last week. As of this writing there hasn’t been any deals on trading cards, but keep an eye out on the website.


Target & Wal-Mart

The big retailers have not marked down trading cards in the past, and do not expect them to in 2020. But…there are many products that are hot and could be reloaded on the websites at any time. Prizm football is a possibility, and anything basketball is hot. Target released a special exclusive NBA Hoops set on Wednesday that sold out in under two hours.


Happy Hunting

These are the sites I will be keeping an eye on today and through the weekend. COMC typically has some sales, although I have not partaken in years past. Are there any other sites you will be watching for card sales this weekend?

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