Paging the Bobby Parnell Collector

Weird, right? Yes, I’m putting out an all points bulletin for a trading partner I have lost track of. At some point in 2018 or 2019, I received a package of Cubs baseball cards from a fellow hobbyist. One tip when trading: include your information inside the package. Often I pull the contents within andContinue reading “Paging the Bobby Parnell Collector”

Finally – A Cubs Mailday Post

This post is a week in the making…no, wait. A mailday post is about a month in the making. As my website was transferred to this new platform, and my Cubs Spring Training trip, my Mailday posts were put on the shelf. The whole COVID19 thing doesn’t help matters, as trades have slowed down. That’sContinue reading “Finally – A Cubs Mailday Post”

Baseball Card Tribute of the Late Glenn Beckert

Former Major League Baseball player Glenn Beckert passed away on Easter Sunday (April 12, 2020), at the age of 79. Beckert was born on October 12, 1940 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He went on to star at Allegheny College, and is pictured here in the July 3, 1960 edition of the Pittsburgh Press. Beckert was aContinue reading “Baseball Card Tribute of the Late Glenn Beckert”

Tribute To a Man I Met Only Once – World B. Otto

The maze that is life can be very interesting when you look back. At times you can trace your current situation back through a series of decisions you have made over time. This week I learned the passing of a man I met only once, but once was all it took to become a greatContinue reading “Tribute To a Man I Met Only Once – World B. Otto”

One Million Cubs Project COVID Quarantine Update

A couple weeks ago I posted an update amid the COVID-19 safety measures. Since then, a lot has changed. Most of the nation is under Shelter In Place warnings, I am now working from home, and not even making my regular trips to the post office. So, with another month ahead of us here isContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project COVID Quarantine Update”