Mike’s Amazing Pictures and a New Hawk

Mike in Milford, Indiana and Joe in Avon, Ohio sent packages on Wednesday. This is my second trade with Mike, and this one actually was a two-parter. Mike takes photos at South Bend Cubs games and sent a few via email, like this awesome Gleyber Torres action shot. Here’s another Gleyber Torres photo. I’m happyContinue reading “Mike’s Amazing Pictures and a New Hawk”

First Package from Vermont and a Louisiana Memory

After a slow couple weeks at the mailbox, my return from the National was met with five packages of Cubs baseball cards waiting for me. Gregory in Louisiana sent some Allen & Ginter Cubs from this year’s set. I’ve only been to Louisiana once, and it was when I was traveling with the Western IllinoisContinue reading “First Package from Vermont and a Louisiana Memory”

Conversing Through Old Baseball Cards

It wouldn’t be fair to mention all of the great people from Twitter I met at the National, or vendors I purchased from or chatted with, or random collectors that I conversed with after they read my Cubs Card-O-Meter sign. I would leave somebody out. There was one exchange that I had to write about.Continue reading “Conversing Through Old Baseball Cards”

Tips For National Sports Collectors Convention

The 40th annual National Sports Collectors Convention is in the books. It was my first time attending and I took away several tips for National Sports Collectors Convention. Before attending, I read several articles and blogs about best practices for attending the show. My initial plan was to soak it all in. With the exceptionContinue reading “Tips For National Sports Collectors Convention”

Goals and Essentials for the 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention

This year marks the 40th year of the National Sports Collectors Convention. The annual event began in 1979 near Los Angeles and has become the must-attend attraction for hobbyists. It marks my first ever trip to “The National,” and I am very excited. For most of my collecting life I just haven’t had the financialContinue reading “Goals and Essentials for the 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention”

What Could Have Been: Cubs Trade Rumors Through the Years

July 31 marks the trade deadline, and far more rumors will be talked about than trades actually made. The what-if’s fascinate me. I have followed trade deadline rumors closely since the late 1990’s. So, on the eve of the 2019 Major League Baseball deadline, I decided to research baseball trade rumors from the past andContinue reading “What Could Have Been: Cubs Trade Rumors Through the Years”

Beer With an All Star, and What Is an Elegant Baseball Card

More repeat traders sent in Cubs that were delivered Wednesday. Mark in Memphis sent a box of 180 Cubs cards, and we have done about a half dozen trades now. By the way, Mark is a Cardinals collector and is a great trader. He frequents Trading Card Database, and can find him at mzentko onContinue reading “Beer With an All Star, and What Is an Elegant Baseball Card”

Checking out the South Bend Cubs

I love minor league baseball. Obviously, I love Cubs baseball. Unfortunately, the South Bend Cubs of the Midwest League play in the East division. This means they only play the nearest team to me (Beloit Snappers) once a year, and not each year do the Cubs travel to Beloit. It’s been a couple years sinceContinue reading “Checking out the South Bend Cubs”