Baseball Card Art by Matthew Lee Rosen is a Home Run

Baseball cards are art combining design and photography. And then there is Baseball Card Art. Matthew Lee Rosen, an artist and proud Chicago Cubs season ticket holder, has combined his artistic talents with baseball cards. The end result is a home run for baseball fans, baseball card collectors, and art lovers alike. When I readContinue reading “Baseball Card Art by Matthew Lee Rosen is a Home Run”

Tips For National Sports Collectors Convention

The 40th annual National Sports Collectors Convention is in the books. It was my first time attending and I took away several tips for National Sports Collectors Convention. Before attending, I read several articles and blogs about best practices for attending the show. My initial plan was to soak it all in. With the exceptionContinue reading “Tips For National Sports Collectors Convention”

Playing the Prospecting Game

With last week’s release of Bowman, you’ve probably heard of the crazy pricing behind cards of players you have never heard of, and a hobby box will set you back more than $100. It’s the prospecting game, and some collectors love it, and others hate it. Either way you slice it, money can be madeContinue reading “Playing the Prospecting Game”

Pinching Pennies With Paypal Micropayments

Fees suck. Fees suck several dollars per month from our hobby budgets. It’s also the cost of doing business and without the services we pay these fees for, we would be unable to reach an audience of millions (eBay) or make monetary transactions with just a few clicks (Paypal). The latter is a platform thatContinue reading “Pinching Pennies With Paypal Micropayments”

The 34th Annual Cubs Convention Review

This year marked my fifth Cubs Convention, and it is a whirlwind of a weekend. The best part of it has become running into fellow Cubs fans you meet that you see every year. My travel to the Sheraton in downtown Chicago was the smoothest trip in the five years of attending the convention. IContinue reading “The 34th Annual Cubs Convention Review”