Target Pauses Sports Card Sales

Target pauses sports card sales nationwide. The retailer has put a temporary pause on in-store sales for baseball, basketball, football, and Pokemon trading cards. This comes amid safety concerns for customers and employees after recent incidents. Several months ago, we reported a Madison, Wisconsin Target creating an online waiting list that collectors could join andContinue reading “Target Pauses Sports Card Sales”

2021 1st Bowman Baseball Cards Guide

Bowman is home of the rookie card. Well, technically it’s not anymore. Bowman is home to the first Bowman baseball card for tomorrow’s superstars. The 1st Bowman cards and 1st Bowman autographs have become the top draw when it comes to collectability in baseball cards. Who are the top prospects with 2021 Bowman baseball cards?Continue reading “2021 1st Bowman Baseball Cards Guide”

History of Topps Stock: Topps Goes Public

Big news hit the hobby world this week with the announcement that Topps will be going public this year. Topps will merge with Mudrick Capital, a special purpose acquistion company, and values Topps at $1.3 billion. This is not the first time Topps will be a publicly traded company. Topps first went public in 1972Continue reading “History of Topps Stock: Topps Goes Public”

How To Bulk List Items on EBay

There has to be a way to bulk list items on eBay. It’s a thought that has crossed my mind many times since eBay discontinued its Turbo Lister application. So, how can you bulk list items on eBay, and make more money selling baseball cards? eBay File Exchange is the follow up to Turbo Lister.Continue reading “How To Bulk List Items on EBay”

Why Is the 1991 Topps Don Zimmer Baseball Card Selling For So Much?

Why is the 1991 Topps Don Zimmer baseball card selling for $10 to $20 on eBay? A card featuring a manager from one of the most over produced baseball card sets of all time? Most collectors wouldn’t pay a penny for this card. For the record, my rate on cards like this is a halfContinue reading “Why Is the 1991 Topps Don Zimmer Baseball Card Selling For So Much?”

Topps Project 70 Power Rankings – Week One

Topps Project 70 has really appealed to me since it’s release on Wednesday. The project, which will boast a total of 1,020 cards, is now one week and nine cards into its run. Below is my Topps Project 70 rankings for wek one. We have seen a little bit of everything from artists such asContinue reading “Topps Project 70 Power Rankings – Week One”

Critiquing Topps Project 70 Card Gallery 1

Project 2020 by Topps was a smashing success. Topps collaborated with artists to give their interpretations on 20 different iconic baseball cards. It was such a success that the company unveiled Project 70 celebrating the 70th anniversary of Topps baseball cards. This time around there will be far more artists and far more cards toContinue reading “Critiquing Topps Project 70 Card Gallery 1”

Cheap Baseball Card Prices In Our Ebay Store

Baseball cards are extremely hot right now. And we are still weeks away from Spring Training and Opening Day. The market is only going to rise further on baseball cards in 2021. Do you want to get in on the craze at an extremely low cost buy in? Find cheap baseball card prices in theContinue reading “Cheap Baseball Card Prices In Our Ebay Store”

Parkside Cards Negro League Centennial Draft Class Set Review

Perusing the Blowout Forums one day I stumbled upon a thread about a new trading card set from Parkside Cards. The set is titled Negro Leagues Baseball Museum Centennial Draft Class. It commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Negro Leagues with a checklist of the 15 black baseball players drafted in 2020. The description fromContinue reading “Parkside Cards Negro League Centennial Draft Class Set Review”

The Definitive Guide to 2021 Topps Rookie Baseball Cards

Much like the initial sighting of a Robin signals the first sign of spring, so to does the release of Topps baseball cards. Topps Series One is scheduled to hit stores on February 10. The long awaited checklist was released today. The Topps checklist is jam packed with rookie baseball cards of up and comingContinue reading “The Definitive Guide to 2021 Topps Rookie Baseball Cards”