Another In-Person Twitter Trade

Many times over the past two and a half years I have commented the best part of the One Million Cubs Project has been meeting so many other collectors, both on social media and in person. While most of the trades conducted for Cubs baseball cards are completed through the mail, a few occur inContinue reading “Another In-Person Twitter Trade”


2020 Bowman Blaster Box Breaks

If you have followed this site, you will know I love Bowman baseball cards. Recently, I have also been upset with the outrageous hobby box prices on 2020 Bowman. Since 2018, it’s been retail or bust when it comes to Bowman. This year’s product was delayed due to COVID, and today (May 22, 2020) isContinue reading “2020 Bowman Blaster Box Breaks”

Major League Baseball Redraft 2010

Every year since Major League Baseball initiated the amateur draft in 1966 there have been big hits and awful misses. What if teams could have a do-over. Revisionist history if you will. First off, the baseball draft has several different layers. You have a mix of high school seniors, junior college players, and division IContinue reading “Major League Baseball Redraft 2010”

Last Dance Chicago Bulls Basketball Card Giveaway

The Last Dance has been a very popular documentary covering the 1990’s Chicago Bulls on ESPN over the past four weeks. On Sunday, May 17, the final two episodes will air. To honor the finale of the 10-hour series, the One Million Cubs Project is giving away a small Chicago Bulls basketball card collection. TheContinue reading “Last Dance Chicago Bulls Basketball Card Giveaway”

Cubs Spring Training Diary – Day Two with Crawly and the Heckler

Late nights and early mornings. That’s the theme for Spring Training. However, I’ve reached that point in my life where I can do either…but not both. That was the conclusion after waking up Friday morning. Granted, my alarm on day one sounded at 3:45 a.m. and I closed my eyes for bed after 1 a.m.Continue reading “Cubs Spring Training Diary – Day Two with Crawly and the Heckler”