Happy Holidays – A Special Discount To My Readers

As we charge into the holiday season I wanted to give back and thank all of my loyal followers to the One Million Cubs Project. In doing so, I am offering a special 15% discount when you buy $20+ in items from my eBay Store. My eBay Store is stocked daily with new inventory. EverythingContinue reading “Happy Holidays – A Special Discount To My Readers”

Hobby Evolution Episode 26 – Opinions on Baseball Card Grading

Grading trading cards has been a hot topic over the past year with trimming allegations, certain graders getting preferential grades, and the latest is PSA potentially cutting off bulk subs. I have never submitted a trading card to be graded. Grading is another avenue for collectors in the hobby. In today’s episode of Hobby EvolutionContinue reading “Hobby Evolution Episode 26 – Opinions on Baseball Card Grading”

Recapping Recent Cubs Maildays

It’s been a whirlwind in the One Million Cubs Project during the month of August. A few big maildays have arrived that have pushed the Cubs baseball card count closer and closer to the halfway point. The 2020 Cubs card goal is 500,000 in the collection. The halfway mark to a milestone. As of thisContinue reading “Recapping Recent Cubs Maildays”