Bowman First Edition Cubs Mailday

Bowman fever hits me hard every year. It’s a product that I have loved since 1998, when it was the set that brought me back to baseball card collecting. In 2016 and 2017, I was buying cases of cards. My case of 2017 Bowman of 12 hobby boxes set me back $797. At release in 2020, a 12-box hobby case was selling for $3,500 from the big online retailers.

Needless to say, I have been priced out of Bowman hobby boxes these last couple years. Retail is where it’s at, and there are a few reasons why retail Bowman is the better buy. I placed a pre-order of 10 blaster boxes from Wal-Mart in early March. Then COVID-19 hit, and Bowman’s late April release date was pushed back. And then Wal-Mart cancelled most everybody’s pre-orders and it was a giant mess. 


Topps made a great move to wet our appetites with some quarantine Bowman in the name of Bowman First Edition. What a debacle that was. Topps’ website crashed, and collectors were unable to get any Bowman First Edition at the scheduled release time. Personally, I tried for a few hours on release date and it left such a bad taste in my mouth I skipped even trying the ensuing two days (Topps had sales windows for three days). 

A trade package arrived from Mike with about a dozen cards recently, and much to my surprise a couple Bowman First Edition Cubs cards were inside. Brennen Davis is one of my favorite Cubs prospects, and think he will be a stud.

Another Bowman First Edition colored parallel. This one features Aramis Ademan. I have been a big Ademan fan since he was signed as an international free agent in 2015. This past Spring Training I became an even bigger fan. He was one Cubs prospect high on my list to get a signed baseball to add to the collection. On my final day in Mesa, Arizona, I had the opportunity. 


Ademan had been battling some injuries and was doing some individual base running drills after all other players concluded their workouts on the back fields. Two of us asked Aramis if he could sign, and he said he would get us after he finished his workout. Usually, that means a 50/50 shot that it will happen, but Ademan came over and signed for us. He was super nice, and I really appreciate that he took the time for us. Often I feel bad in these situations being an adult lingering for an autograph.

The hits kept coming in this mailday. Check out this serial numbered Kris Bryant.

A great trade with Mike, and I’ll be whipping up a package of Atlanta Braves cards to send in return.

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