New York, New York Cubs Baseball Card Mailday

It’s always sweet when a package arrives from resident Ryan McMahon super collector, @socalhobbyclub. The Buffalo, New York resident sent another package of Cubs goodies, and Richard in Brooklyn also sent some Cubs baseball cards my way. Once again, I was surprised with a Cubs baseball card package from Andy. He broke some 2019 ToppsContinue reading “New York, New York Cubs Baseball Card Mailday”

Flat Rate Box Filled With Autographs and Relics

Flat rate boxes are fun. Chasing one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards means volume. Volume is an understatement. Say you fit 2,000 cards in a medium flat rate box. It would take 500 flat rate boxes to get to one million cards. Another fun part of flat boxes is I never know what’s inside. ThereContinue reading “Flat Rate Box Filled With Autographs and Relics”

Miguel Amaya, Mootown Snackers, and Making a Richard Gallardo Collection

A couple trade packages arrived Thursday from Florida and South Carolina, thanks to Adam and Alex. Adam sent a stack of more than 100 Cubs baseball cards and one oddball caught my eye. It’s from Mootown Snackers produced in 1992. André Dawson is thé subject and the only Cub in the 24-player set. It’s notContinue reading “Miguel Amaya, Mootown Snackers, and Making a Richard Gallardo Collection”

Fleer Cubs Team Sets Mailday

Matt in Ohio reached out recently after he found a couple old Fleer Cubs team sets. They were from 1991 and 1992 Fleer. 1991 Fleer is probably the definition of junk era baseball cards. Thé set was released at thé height of thé “junk era,” thé base set contains really no valuable rookies, and thatContinue reading “Fleer Cubs Team Sets Mailday”

Oddballs, Wiffle Balls, and Kelloggs

One of my trade partners has earned the nickname “Oddball Eddie.” I can’t take that away from him. He was the original, and continues to send boxes filled with oddball goodies. But for today, I’ll annoint John in New Jersey with the nickname, “Oddball Johnny.” John sent a box of more than 500 Cubs baseballContinue reading “Oddballs, Wiffle Balls, and Kelloggs”