Christmas 2017 Cubs Cards

Each year since the age of five or six, Santa has dropped baseball cards under my tree and/or in my stocking.

Even at age 35, Santa still finds me and brings me cards. This year, between Santa wife and Santa mom, I was gifted with both a 2016 Topps complete set and a 2017 Topps complete set. These will remain unopened with those existing Cubs cards locked inside.


My stocking did reveal a few packs of cards, include 2017 Topps Series 1, Series 2, and Update.

There were no big hits, but six Cubs cards were inside. Another Kris Bryant card added to the collection as well.


Oh, and there was one more Cubs card inside my stocking. My mom stuffed a Christmas card with some cash and…a 1991 Score Bill Long. I forgot to ask why she threw in a random baseball card, but it’s another tally for the race to a million.

Merry Christmas!

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