Oddballs and Autographs: Another Great Twitter Trade

Check off another fantastic return via Twitter trade. Plenty of oddballs and great Cubs cards from Jason (@realjtcarter). Inside the bubble mailer was a book. I have many, many books on baseball. Especially Chicago Cubs books. But…”The Cubs Fan’s Guide To Happiness,” is a new one for my library. Ironically, one of the Cubs jokesContinue reading “Oddballs and Autographs: Another Great Twitter Trade”

30 Years Later: 1988 Score Box Break

What a year we had in 1988. Doug Williams led the Washington Redskins to a Super Bowl XXII victory while winning the game’s MVP. The end of 1988 saw the United States elect George H.W. Bush its 41st President. In between, we watched the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, and Winter Games inContinue reading “30 Years Later: 1988 Score Box Break”

Christmas 2017 Cubs Cards

Each year since the age of five or six, Santa has dropped baseball cards under my tree and/or in my stocking. Even at age 35, Santa still finds me and brings me cards. This year, between Santa wife and Santa mom, I was gifted with both a 2016 Topps complete set and a 2017 ToppsContinue reading “Christmas 2017 Cubs Cards”