First Trade Completed During The One Million Cubs Project

A few trades are in the works for the One Million Cubs Project. On Friday, I shipped out two boxes of cards, and will ship out a couple more on Tuesday.

The first trade has been completed through the Keep It Real Facebook group. This is a great collecting group that I have been a member of since the summer of 2014. In the group I have sold cards, bought cards, traded cards, discussed hobby related topics, shown off my collection, and participated in box breaks.


One member, Tony C, and I completed a White Sox for Cubs trade back in 2015. We stuff a medium flat rate box of each other’s team and open them up and get some surprises.

Tony’s box arrived this morning with a 400 count box, a couple 300 count boxes, and a small medium flat rate box with more cards. In total, there were 1,054 Cubs cards to add to my collection.


My favorite hits in this package may have been the 2002 Topps Archives. Honestly, I may have these cards already, but these cards are great so I always enjoy receiving them. Most are just reprints, except for the Lee Smith 1983 Topps design and one of the Bill Madlock 1975 Topps design. These two are actually 2003 Topps Archives Fan Favorites.

I’m a big Rick Reuschel fan. It all began with the 1977 Topps Big League Brothers card. This was a white whale for a young Cubs collector pre-Internet era. Lo and behold I would later speak with Paul Reuschel on a regular basis as we lived in the same city and I worked for their alma mater, Western Illinois University.

During the Reuschel era, MSA produced Discs in 1977. Among the Cubs players featured on these discs were Andy Thornton, Jose Cardenal, and Jerry Morales.

Oddballs are great and this box provides a couple cards new to my collection. Jerome Walton and Dwight Smith were starring for the Cubs as my fandom was reaching a fever pitch as a seven year old.


The above cards are from the 1990 Fleer MVP set. I have about every 1980’s Oddball issue, but didn’t realize this set existed. The other is a 2003 Topps Bazooka Joe that I’ve never seen.

Similar to oddballs were some of the parallel sets released during the junk era. By no means are they Oddball or junk, though.


Fleer issued a glossy set, and that is what is pictured here with Sharon Dunston and Frank DiPino. The front side is glossy and it’s production was limited compared to its matte finish counterpart.

Finally, there are always a few cards that pop up that I not only knew existed, but didn’t know the player. I don’t recall a prospect by the name of Jovan Rosa, but here he is on a 2008 Donruss Triple Threads.


More cards are incoming and I am always looking for more trade partners. All baseball teams are available except White Sox. Also willing to trade football and hockey.

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