Jose Cardenal Feuds With Manager

I love history. Especially when it comes to local history, and especially Chicago Cubs history. The 1970’s is a fascination as it was the decade before my birth (1982). The local newspaper near my hometown has begun digitizing old issues, and is now updated through 1979 and on occasion I’ll pass the time by readingContinue reading “Jose Cardenal Feuds With Manager”

Trade Review: Twitter's @PreserveHobby With 100 Cubs Cards

The second One Million Cubs Project trade has been completed. This marks my first ever deal through Twitter, and it was a success. My deal was struck with Twitter user @preservehobby through one of my other Twitter accounts (@setfillercards). We discussed future deals, but agreed on starting our first trade with a 100-card swap. HeContinue reading “Trade Review: Twitter's @PreserveHobby With 100 Cubs Cards”

First Trade Completed During The One Million Cubs Project

A few trades are in the works for the One Million Cubs Project. On Friday, I shipped out two boxes of cards, and will ship out a couple more on Tuesday. The first trade has been completed through the Keep It Real Facebook group. This is a great collecting group that I have been aContinue reading “First Trade Completed During The One Million Cubs Project”