Trade Review: Twitter's @PreserveHobby With 100 Cubs Cards

The second One Million Cubs Project trade has been completed. This marks my first ever deal through Twitter, and it was a success.

My deal was struck with Twitter user @preservehobby through one of my other Twitter accounts (@setfillercards). We discussed future deals, but agreed on starting our first trade with a 100-card swap. He was seeking Pirates and Mets cards in this deal, so I sent an equal 50 cards from each team.


I was very impressed with my Cubs return that came in the mail today. It was a nice mix of cards from each decade back to a six pack of 1974 Topps. Jose Cardenal, despite playing before I was born, has always been one of my favorite Cubs players from this era. His baseball cards always tickled my fancy with his afro overflowing from under his hat. Don Kessinger was another fan favorite from this era.

And the cards spanned all the way to the present as I was surprised with a Kris Bryant 2017 Topps League Leaders. The plan is to eventually separate out some of my favorite players into binders. I have a plethora of 3-ring binders that I have hoarded from local Goodwill stores.


Collectors tip: if you don’t mind plain white or black binders for sets or collections, check out Goodwill. Often, they price them at $0.49 and every once in a while they will tape together five or six binders and charge $1.49.

Speaking of player binders, my first target for the binder will be my Javier Baez collection. By no means am I a Baez collector, but I will grab his cards if priced right. This trade netted me a 2016 Topps Holiday Baez in addition to an Addison Russell and Jake Arrieta from the same set.

Throwback and Vintage card designs are striking. I’m so sick of seeing 1989 Topps, but for some reason if Topps slaps a picture of Anthony Rizzo it’s a must have. Or a 1983 Topps design featuring Starlin Castro from 2015 Archives. Topps Heritage and Archives will always get my money.

The final featured card is a new one for my collection. Always a plus. Keith Moreland was one of my favorites as a youngster in the 1980’s and here he is on a 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes.

Thanks again to @preservehobby for our first trade. We are already working on a second trade to swap 200 cards this time. A couple more trades are in the works and three packages were mailed out today. If you want to trade, please send me an email,, or reach out via Twitter.

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