Chicago Cubs Top Ten List – Latest Trade Review

Today’s trade review has a different format. It will be a top ten list of my favorite cards from this particular trade.

Michael from Facebook was the trade partner here, and this was my first big snafu in a trade. We agreed to swap 184 Atlanta Braves for 184 Chicago Cubs cards. There was a problem: Michael’s cards arrived safely…but they were Boston Red Sox cards. Oops!

Michael has a box of Braves on the way, and gained some extra Red Sox in the process.

This trade brought me some dynamite Cubs additions. Several new cards that I didn’t previously have and many superstars. This top ten list doesn’t do the box of Cubs I received justice.

10) 2017 Topps Kris Bryant Major League Milestones

A number of Kris Bryant cards were included here. One new to the collection is this insert. I dislike horizontal cards, but love what this card represents. Bryant went 5-for-5 with three home runs and two doubles against the Reds on June 27, 2016. I remember watching that game in awe of that performance. What a fun season.

9) 2016 Bowman Retail Exclusive Yellow Border Jeimer Candelario

These retail exclusives just have a yellow border, and this photo is rather bland. However, it is a parallel not previously held in my collection. Candelario is also a pretty highly regarded prospect now with the Tigers.

8) 2008 Upper Deck Diamond Collection Rich Hill

Two years ago this card wouldn’t have cracked the list, but Hill has had a major league resurgence the last two years. Again, it’s horizontal, but in this case I like it because of the photo choice. In action pitching shots work better horizontally.

7) 1984 Donruss Chuck Rainey

Another trade that brings in an autograph. Not only that, it’s on a 1984 Donruss. This set is top three among my favorite releases of all brands in the 1980’s.

6) 2017 Topps Fire Wade Davis 69/199

A serial number parallel from the retail only Fire. This release was largely booed in hobby circles. It’s a “meh,” for me. It’s different and I like different. If all brands looked the same it would be boring.

5) 2017 Topps Gallery Ian Happ & Anthony Rizzo

Another retail exclusive, Topps Gallery was only released in Wal-Mary stores. I loved Gallery the first time around, and absolutely love the new product. Unfortunately, I didn’t break any Gallery. The nearest Wal-Mart has an extremely weak card selection, so Target fills my retail fix. The other area Wal-Mart stores are 20 and 30 minutes away and I just didn’t feel like taking the time in search of this one. I’m happy to be receiving these in trades.

4) 2017 Bowman Chrome Mojo Refractors Oscar De La Cruz &
Cubs Talent Pipeline

There’s a trend here with retail product. While I didn’t search for Topps Gallery, I was on a mission to find the Bowman Mega Boxes that contained the Mojo Refractors. Only once (in about 25 Target trips) did I strike gold and found five boxes. De La Cruz is a highly touted Cubs pitching prospect, and the Pipeline card features Eloy Jimenez, now with the White Sox and the fourth ranked prospect in all of baseball in the most recent Baseball America Top 100 rankings. Ian Happ and Mark Zagunis join Jimenez here.

3) 2017 Topps Archives Kyle Hendricks

I have an attraction to the 1982 Topps design. Maybe it’s because it was the year I was born. Or it could just be that it’s a classic Topps design. Can’t get enough of this design and the photo works great on this card.

2) 2016 Topps Archives 65th Anniversary Dontrelle Willis

Another new addition. No, this isn’t a 2002 Topps Willis rookie. This is a 2016 reprint celebrating the 65th anniversary of Topps. Always loved this Willis card, especially after his highly successful years with the Marlins.

1) 2017 Stadium Club Anthony Rizzo & David Ross

Stadium Club has never earned my money. The main reason is that it is released the same week or week after a main product (which escapes me). So, my money goes elsewhere. I really should spread the wealth because Stadium Club has amazing photos and the designs always look great. Love the Rizzo tarp catch picture, and the Ross photo is classic.

Thanks for the trade, Michael, and sorry for the mixup.

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