Chicago Cubs Top Ten List – Latest Trade Review

Today’s trade review has a different format. It will be a top ten list of my favorite cards from this particular trade. Michael from Facebook was the trade partner here, and this was my first big snafu in a trade. We agreed to swap 184 Atlanta Braves for 184 Chicago Cubs cards. There was aContinue reading “Chicago Cubs Top Ten List – Latest Trade Review”

Trade Review: Twitter's @BoRosny

Two boxes came in the mail on Friday. The second box was from Bo Rosny (@borosny on Twitter). This deal was 500 Yankees for Cubs, specifically oddball issues and cards from 1997 to present. This was a great trade because it filled many of my Cubs needs from the early 2000’s. Over the years, IContinue reading “Trade Review: Twitter's @BoRosny”

2002 Donruss Team Heroes #209 Jose Cueto

Not too often do I come across a Cubs baseball card of someone that escapes my memory. However, that did happen today during data entry. Card 3,864 in my database was quickly entered. As I began to type in the last name, I did a double take. This 2003 Donruss Team Heroes card was notContinue reading “2002 Donruss Team Heroes #209 Jose Cueto”