Cubs Collectors Assisting Cubs Collectors

There are a lot of Cubs collectors out there. So many, in fact, that it has been a roadblock preventing a few trades from taking place. Many other team collectors already have agreements in place to send off their Cubs to those collectors.

Out of the twenty-plus trades that have been conducted, a couple packages have come from Cubs collectors.

My latest box of Cubs was delivered on Friday. It contained 108 Cubs cards (ironic, huh). Darrell from Metamora, Illinois sent these as they were duplicates in his own Cubs collection.

I may have to stop in to see Darrell the next time I drive through central Illinois. I do broadcast and statistics work for the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) state basketball finals in Peoria and softball state finals in East Peoria, and I drive right through the home of the Redbirds (Metamora).

Darrell’s package included mostly recent cards, many of which are new to the collection. Bowman’s Best was a product I did not buy in 2017 after having nice luck with a few boxes in 2016.

Bowman Draft is another December release, and for the second straight year I did not indulge. I’m an impatient collector. Prospecting has never been my game as I want to sell or trade quickly. Bowman Draft is definitely not the set for an impatient collector like myself. Peyton Remy and Cory Abbott are my first cards from 2017 Bowman Draft. Abbott was the Cubs’ second round draft pick and Remy was selected in the 17th round last June.

A trend has set in. Topps Bunt does not earn my money either, so it’s nice to catch up through trades.

Panini seems like a love it or hate it product. I fall in the middle. No logos is a turn off, but the brand does a great job of producing beautiful cards while airbrushing out the MLB logos. Still, I find myself steering clear of purchasing Panini unless it’s a mega sale at Blowout Cards, or in the clearance rack at Target. New Panini additions arrived in this package with some 2017 Diamond Kings.

Next time I make my way through Metamora, the Busch is on me!

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