Smells of Vintage Cardboard

Old baseball cards have that distinct smell. It’s not a good smell, more akin to that of your grandma’s basement. But they’re baseball cards, so the smells are good.

Today, a small box arrived filled with smells. Big thanks to Mark, a Cardinals fan helping this Cubs collector’s cause. Smells that harken to the days of fantastic hair of Jose Cardenal and Dave Rosello.

Or the mustachioed faces of George Mitterwald, Mike Garman, and Darold Knowles.

The smells take us back to 1974 and the early edition of Topps Traded in all its airbrushed glory.

Further back, you have the condition sensitive, black-bordered 1971 Topps set.

And for good measure a new oddball for my collection, a Post Rick Monday. It came complete with original coffee stain from that 1975 breakfast in which it was torn from the box.

These are the smells of Monday. A beautiful smell indeed, and much better than grandma’s basement.

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