One Million Cubs Project Organization Update

Recently I laid out an organizational plan for the One Million Cubs Project. My wife was in Florida all last week giving me ample baseball card time. After dozens of trades I had fallen a bit behind on sorting and was running low on a handful of teams.

After several days of sorting I am finally to a good spot for all baseball teams to hold me over for several trades.

The next step was to consolidate my Cubs cards acquired via trade. Initially, I will just put them all unsorted into 5,000 count monster boxes. Then, I’ll begin cataloging and player and set sorting. After cleaning up my floor and packing team boxes away I was able to get many monster boxes filled with Cubs cards.

One part of the process was left off my first list, and that’s to find a place for my Cubs collection. I have three shelves in my card room where there is a narrow space. I use the shelves in this space for packaging supplies, binders, and miscellaneous stuff.

Now, I’ll clean it up and use the space for the Cubs monster boxes. Eventually, I’d like to get a nice cabinet to put in the corner of my main basement area once the collection goes into binders.

Currently, I’m in the cleaning up phase of placing the collection in its interim home. As you can see I still have a lot of sorting and organizing to go…

And I haven’t even touched this room…

I think I have plenty of sorting and organizing yet to go!

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