One Million Cubs Project Adds More Than 5,000 Cards This Week

Through nine trades and two purchases, the One Million Cubs Project added 5,526 cards to the collection this week.

It only took four days to reach that number after coming home to an empty mailbox Monday and Tuesday. Four packages from three traders arrived on Wednesday for a daily total of 1,899 cards.

A bulk of it came from Vern in New York in exchange for New York Yankees. His two packages totaled 1,665 Cubs cards. Chuck in Ohio added 76 cards and Cameron in Texas sent a package with 158 Cubs cards.

One trade and one purchase arrived on Thursday. I ordered 41 minor league team sets from STB Sports in Washington. They had spectacular deals on many sets. Some were as low as $2. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about these sets that added 1,282 Cubs to the collection. Brad in Indiana added 166 Cubs cards in exchange for Los Angeles Dodgers. By the way, Brad is looking to collect one million Dodgers cards.

Double mailday on Friday netted 75 cards from Jeff in California and I completed my second trade with Jenny in Minnesota for 469 Cubs cards. Jenny sent a bunch of 2017 Topps Heritage. It’s my favorite set of the year. Check out Jenny’s blog.

Finally, Saturday brought another triple mailday. Before the mailman came, I made a Target run and picked up a couple hanger boxes of 2018 Topps Heritage. Six Cubs were added. It’s not that I needed anymore 2018 Heritage after breaking two hobby cases and five blaster boxes already.

Paul in Louisiana sent a package of 34 cards that included a Joe Tinker T206 and Ernie Banks medallion card. WOW!

Howard from Missouri sent 1,035 Cubs cards in exchange for Colorado Rockies. Finally a Rockies collector! Now if only I could find a Marlins, Diamondbacks, and Rays collector…among most other teams. Paul in Michigan sent over 560 Cubs in exchange for Detroit Tigers.

It was a fun week, and look to add several more via trade next week. Additionally, I bought some oddball sets this weekend using my eBay Bucks. I still have some cash left on my eBay gift card and have been eyeing some low end Cubs autographs. Plenty of sorting has been accomplished this weekend, so I am fully stocked again with all baseball teams. If you want to trade, hit me up on Twitter or send me an email.

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