The One Million Cubs Project Has Branched Out

Recently one of my Dodgers traders, @SouthIndyCards, was inspired by the One Million Cubs Project and set out to collect one million Dodgers cards. The momentum has carried over to other team collectors chasing that milestone.

One of them, #TheYankeesMillion, sent a box of Cubs that arrived on Wednesday. In all, 645 more Cubs were added to the collection.

Bowman Platinum is a product I chase down when it releases as retail only. It’s a hot product when it comes out and is quickly gobbled up. Oscar De La Cruz is a top pitching prospect for the Cubs. This silver ice parallel is a new one for the collection.

Yesterday I blogged about the set that brought me back to baseball card collecting: 1998 Bowman. I was hooked and grabbed up 1999 Bowman when it was released. The international parallels were a bit “meh” for me, but this Ron Walker is a nice one.

I had never seen this Kerry Wood. It’s a 2000 Pacific Diamond Aces. Beautiful card.

There was plenty of Ryne Sandberg inside, and another new one for me. It’s a 1993 Fleer Atlantic Collectors Edition.

1982 Fleer has always been a Set that I’ve loved. Maybe it’s because it is the year I was born. Or maybe it’s the simplistic design with the amazing baby blue pinstriped Cubs jerseys. I think it’s it those jerseys!

Another new Oddball. It’s 2010 Panini Cooperstown Stars of the Diamond Johnny Evers.

A new Billy Williams in this 2013 Panini Cooperstown.

And this 2014 Topps Finest Anthony Rizzo is also new to me.

Thanks for the trade, and your Yankees will be out this weekend. Help him to #TheYankeesMillion.

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