Javy and Hermanski Mailday

It’s been a busy Memorial Day weekend after breaking open a bunch of 2020 Bowman, listing in my eBay Store, shipping, and playing catch up on trades. In a recent trade with Mike from Indiana, he sent some pretty sweet Cubs hits. We have traded a few times in the past couple years, and heContinue reading “Javy and Hermanski Mailday”


Javier Baez and Ernie Banks May Day Mail Day

It’s May, I think. Sometimes I forget what day it is, but more than ever with shelter in place in effect. Now I forget what month it is. Shouldn’t I be watching baseball? It’s may after all. Hopefully the reports are true, and we’ll see baseball by the Fourth of July. In the absence ofContinue reading “Javier Baez and Ernie Banks May Day Mail Day”

Tommy Likey. Tommy Sends Cubbies

Weak attempt at Tommy Boy humor with this headline. In my defense, the trade partner for today’s package of Cubs baseball cards goes by Tommy on Twitter and he lives just 90 miles from Sandusky, Ohio…setting for the movie Tommy Boy. Now it’s time to get serious. Cubs baseball card serious, which sounds like anContinue reading “Tommy Likey. Tommy Sends Cubbies”

Meeting P-Town Tom From Waiting 'Til Next Year Blog

Not only have I met awesome traders online, I’ve completed a few deals in person with collectors I’ve met online. Chalk up another in person trade this past Saturday. A fellow Cubs collector (and Dan Vogelbach super collector), P-Town Tom, and I met this weekend for a swap. A few months ago I found Tom’sContinue reading “Meeting P-Town Tom From Waiting 'Til Next Year Blog”

The One Million Cubs Project Has Branched Out

Recently one of my Dodgers traders, @SouthIndyCards, was inspired by the One Million Cubs Project and set out to collect one million Dodgers cards. The momentum has carried over to other team collectors chasing that milestone. One of them, #TheYankeesMillion, sent a box of Cubs that arrived on Wednesday. In all, 645 more Cubs wereContinue reading “The One Million Cubs Project Has Branched Out”

The Legend of Gary Scott and Jay Johnstone's Headwear

Monday marked a first in the One Million Cubs Project. It was my first mailday that was packaged in a Sock Monkey box. Points for style. Inside, Adam from California sent 325 Cubs cards. A unique Ryne Sandberg awaited at the bottom of the box. How cool is this?! A framed 80’s oddball Sandberg alongContinue reading “The Legend of Gary Scott and Jay Johnstone's Headwear”

Hot Hittin Javier Baez and What MVP Did Trevor Cahill Win

Javier Baez has been in the news this week surrounding his hot bat. The bat that smacked four home runs in two games against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the same bat that he flipped after a pop fly. The bat flip drew criticism from Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. “You watch their kid flip that batContinue reading “Hot Hittin Javier Baez and What MVP Did Trevor Cahill Win”

Willy, Javy, Rizzo, Ryno, and the Hoarding of a Former Cubs Prospect

Wednesday saw a pile of boxes on my counter as part of a triple mailday. Yesterday, I wrote about the nearly 2,000 cards that came from Vern in New York. Another trade that was conducted on Twitter was from Chuck in Ohio. Chuck sent over a nice mix of 76 Cubs cards which included quiteContinue reading “Willy, Javy, Rizzo, Ryno, and the Hoarding of a Former Cubs Prospect”

Mailday Saturday: Pre-Rookie Ryne Sandberg

Throughout the years I have had many Cubs cards on my want list. Last week, one set was scratched off that list when I acquired a sealed complete set of 1990 Topps TV. This week, another card has been crossed off that want list, but this one will not count toward the One Million CubsContinue reading “Mailday Saturday: Pre-Rookie Ryne Sandberg”

Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor

Today’s trade review is courtesy of Roy, @roleiii on Twitter. I sent over some Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos in exchange for 180 Chicago Cubs cards (plus one). That plus one is a new addition to the collection. A rarity to find new adds from the junk era, but since this 1989 Donruss Baseball’sContinue reading “Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor”