New Cubs Prospects and Coozies Added on Mailday Monday

Three packages welcomed me home on Monday. As of Tuesday evening, I just tore into the first package. It’s been one of those weeks…and it’s only Tuesday!

Between family commitments and catching up on Sportlots and eBay orders (many from my weekend 2018 Bowman binge), I’m a bit behind.

But Charm City Autographs tweeted that he recognized his bubble mailer from the pile, and I knew he sent some sweet new cards…and more.

For the second time in my Twitter trading the plastic cases were protected by coozies. As previously mentioned, coozies get put to work in my house (moreso backyard), and I’ve always hoarded them.

A bright orange Baltimore & Annapolis Sports & Social Club coozie and a Baltimore Ravens coozie. Even though I’m a Bears fan, this is actually the third NFL coozie in my collection. A few years ago I was able to get a bunch of St. Louis football Cardinals and Arizona Cardinals memorabilia on the cheap at auction, so that is also in my rotation. It’s hit 80 degrees the last two days meaning it’s now coozie season.

Charm City mentioned that he was sending 54 Cubs to me and thought several would be new additions and he was correct. My favorite card of the bunch is not only new, but reminds me of good times at Peoria Chiefs games. Josh Harrison was one of my favorite Chiefs over the years and was really bummed when the Cubs traded him to the Pirates. Really sweet 2009 Tri-Star Projections featuring Harrison in a Chiefs uniform.

Another Peoria Chief in here is a 2011 Topps Pro Debut. I’ve never seen this card so it’s definitely new to the collection. I’m gonna have to go back and look at the Pro Debut checklists to see if I’m missing any others.

The minor league hits keep coming. My sweet spot! Todd Noel was a favorite prospect in the late 90’s and here he is with the Rockford Cubbies. Living just over an hour from Rockford, I really wish they were still a franchise. Now the Cubs are in South Bend and only come to Beloit every other year.

Before South Bend the Cubs’ Midwest League affiliate was in Kane County. Here’s a really sweet card from 2013 Heritage Minors of Albert Almora.

From 2006 Tri-Star is Jake Fox pictured with the Daytona Cubs.

And one more from Tri-Star. When I saw Brett Jackson with the Peoria Chiefs I thought he was going to be a MLB All Star. I was wrong.

Bruce Sutter fires a pitch from Wrigley Field in this sweet black and white photo on a 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball.

Jorge Soler was a beast. I really hope he has a great career with the Royals. We can look back fondly on his first home run on August 27, 2014.

Love the artwork on this 2006 SP Authentic Baseball Heroes of Derrek Lee, Kerry Wood, and Aramis Ramirez.

Thanks for the Cubs, Charm City! And the coozies!

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