Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector

Many of the trades that take place in the One Million Cubs Project originate on Twitter. It was actually the last place I expected to find such a great hobby trading community. Initially, I felt trading on Twitter would be difficult since it is largely anonymous whereas Facebook has your life attached to your profile.Continue reading “Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector”

New Cubs Prospects and Coozies Added on Mailday Monday

Three packages welcomed me home on Monday. As of Tuesday evening, I just tore into the first package. It’s been one of those weeks…and it’s only Tuesday! Between family commitments and catching up on Sportlots and eBay orders (many from my weekend 2018 Bowman binge), I’m a bit behind. But Charm City Autographs tweeted thatContinue reading “New Cubs Prospects and Coozies Added on Mailday Monday”

Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor

Today’s trade review is courtesy of Roy, @roleiii on Twitter. I sent over some Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos in exchange for 180 Chicago Cubs cards (plus one). That plus one is a new addition to the collection. A rarity to find new adds from the junk era, but since this 1989 Donruss Baseball’sContinue reading “Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor”

Cubs Convention 2018 Preview

For the fourth consecutive year, I will be making the trek to Chicago’s downtown Sheraton for the annual Cubs Convention. After a career in radio (no money) and Division I college Athletics (no time), I made a career move that allowed me time each January to attend the convention. Year one was amazing and itContinue reading “Cubs Convention 2018 Preview”