One Million Cubs Project Weekend Update

It’s been a whirlwind week, including the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

The lowest of lows is partly the reason I am behind this week. My father-in-law passed away Wednesday night after battling cancer. It went very quick, as he had been diagnosed just three weeks prior. His mother passed away just five days earlier (last Friday) just two months shy of her 100th birthday.

My wife insisted I travel to Club 400 on Thursday for the Javier Baez event. Baez has been my favorite player since his Midwest League debut with the Peoria Chiefs in 2012. While I had a couple brief interactions with Javy that summer, it was great to spend a couple seconds for a photo opp, as well as an autographed World Series baseball.

Club 400 is a magical place, not just because of the amazing layout and Cubs memorabilia, moreso because of the awesome people I have met in my visits. When you take in a Club 400 event there is not a stranger there, and it was so well needed to have a nice distraction from a terrible week.

On my way home Friday, I made a detour through DeKalb, Illinois to pick up another car load of cards. This is my second pickup from this seller I met on the Blowout Cards Forums. I’ve been so busy with other things I still need to clear half of my car out this afternoon.

Maildays have been pretty light this week, but I did have a 17-card vintage lot arrive this week from an eBay purchase.

I’ll have a better recap of the Javier Baez event at some point soon, as well as the Cubs “White whale” that arrived and I’ve been teasing for more than a week.

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