Trade Bait: Another Truckload of Cards Acquired

I’m always on the lookout for cheap bulk deals. Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Blowout Cards Forums, you name it.

Several months ago on the Blowout Forums there was a poster who had in his signature: “selling 250,000 cards for $150 in DeKalb, Illinois – pickup only.”

DeKalb is a mere two hours from me, and immediately a private message was sent. We scheduled a time and I made a nice little Sunday drive to load up my SUV. The Lot filled every square inch of my car to the point I couldn’t see out other than my windshield and driver side window. Not the safest.

Many of the cards…to the tune of about 100,000 were 2008 Upper Deck Oklahoma Sooners cards. I’ve sold about 2,000, so if you know of anyone willing to trade for Sooners football cards I have about 98,000 remaining.

The seller reached out to me again in November and had another 100,000 cards to sell, but I held off at that time. Recently, I reached out again and he did say he could put together another big lot. Since I was in that area this past week I made another deal.

It was a bit smaller than the last purchase (I could see out most of my windows), but still around 200,000 cards.

Things are still very busy around here. In fact several boxes are still in my car. I haven’t even found room for this new haul as my card room and card closet are already filled to capacity.

Eventually I will get to sorting these so I can pull out the Cubs, and will also have more trade bait. This lot includes all sports, and even some non-sports cards. Oh yes, and more Oklahoma Sooners cards.

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