Never Before Seen Cubs Cards Added To The Collection

Twelve all-new, never seen Cubs baseball cards have been added to the One Million Cubs Project.

Okay, so they are custom cards I created using the Rookies App. Still, I now have some David Bote cards in my collection.

The above is my favorite, while the below Bote is my second favorite. Just love that 1988 Score design.

Here’s a dugout image of Bote. It was the first photo I could find shortly after his Major League debut.

I needed an “early” Javier Baez for the collection, although I do have a Bowman AFLAC autograph.

You all know my hobby love for Ty Griffin. I created a Georgia Tech card in black and white.

And one of my all time favorite Cubs cards is the 1988 Topps Traded Team USA Ty Griffin. Found another image of Griffin with Team USA, and it only seemed fair to place the image on a 1988 Donruss design.

Here’s a true Oddball. It’s Chet Stedman from the movie Rookie of the Year.

When Oscar Gamble passed, I saw several posts memorializing him. This is a classic pre-Afro Gamble with the Cubs in 1969.

Frank Ernaga played just 29 games for the Cubs in 1957 and 1958. This card uses the 1982 Topps Design.

A rarely seen action photo from the 1950’s. It’s Ernaga crossing home plate. The outfielder from Susanville, California only scored nine runs in his MLB career. All runs were scored in 1957.

There are a few collectors on Twitter creating a game-by-game card set for their respective teams. I thought about doing this, but quickly gave up. Ian Happ was the only player that I created a card for. He led off Opening Day with a home run.

Finally, I didn’t want to wait for a Yu Darvish Cubs card. Hopefully he gets on track this season.

The Rookies App is a lot of fun, and I really wish they would add more templates. It’s been two years since the last update. Maybe I will go back and create a 2018 Cubs documentary set.

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