Cubs Parallels Abound in Monday's Mailday

Monday’s mail brings in 53 more Cubs cards to the collection thanks to Opening Day Sportscards. This is our second trade, and I’ll be returning a package of Phillies. This trade package including a bunch of 2018 cards. I need to start off with the Javy Baez. Two more 2018 Bowman Platinum added to theContinue reading “Cubs Parallels Abound in Monday's Mailday”

Never Before Seen Cubs Cards Added To The Collection

Twelve all-new, never seen Cubs baseball cards have been added to the One Million Cubs Project. Okay, so they are custom cards I created using the Rookies App. Still, I now have some David Bote cards in my collection. The above is my favorite, while the below Bote is my second favorite. Just love thatContinue reading “Never Before Seen Cubs Cards Added To The Collection”