Another 2,406 Cubs Cards Added To The One Million Cubs Project This Week

Eight trades highlighted a week that added 2,406 Cubs cards to the collection, which surpassed 123,000 cards this week. That number will continue to rise as I am still sorting out the Cubs from the truckload of cards acquired at the end of last week.

Monday’s mailbox gave me three packages. Two were from trades. Dennis from Alexandria, Virginia sent 247 Cubs in exchange for Yankees, while South Indy Cards shipped over 274 for Dodgers. He’s attempting to collect a million Dodgers cards. The other package was an eBay pickup – four 1952 Topps Cubs cards.

Another three packages arrived on Wednesday after an empty mailbox Tuesday. Chris from St. Charles, Illinois sent 356, Sean in Alabama shipped 350, and Bill from Cleveland, Tennessee sent a box of 790 Cubs cards.

On Thursday, Emily in Georgia sent a package of 134 Cubs, and David from North Carolina sent a box of 242 cards.

No cards came on Friday, and an unexpected envelope came on Saturday. It was from my high school friend’s son. He was inspired by my goal and began a goal of his own – to collect 100 cards of Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant. A couple weeks ago I sent Jake 10 or 11 Bryant and Rizzo cards. It’s great to see kids still enjoying the hobby, and this letter certainly put a smile on my face.

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