What's The Number One Card On Your Want/Wish List

While enjoying a new favorite beer (Sweet Sunglasses blonde ale from Hop Haus Brewing in Verona, WI) on my patio, I began thinking about Cubs baseball cards on my want list.


I’ve been able to knock off a few cards from that list over the past few months. There’s one card that has always been at the top, and remains there for now. The 1954 Topps Ernie Banks rookie card. Eventually I will pick off a low grade copy (the below copy is not mine – google image search).

So, then I took to Twitter and received an overwhelming response. A response so good it became blog worthy.


Thanks, everyone for joining the conversation. I posed the same question to Twitter. What’s the number one card on your want (or wish) list?


My ten most wanted Cubs cards.

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