The One Million Cubs Project Sorta Monday Mailbag

One package did arrive in my mailbox Monday. Thanks to Mannis Cards for the trade. I sent him some 2018 Topps Yankees cards in exchange for some Javier Baez cards.

A bulk of my Monday haul actually came in on Sunday. A few months ago I saw a tweet from SSCards16 who had acquired 50 monster boxes of cards. I’m not sure how our conversation began, but one thing led to another and he said they were all mine if I picked them up.

Fortunately, he’s only about a 2-hour drive from me, and I made a day out of it collecting 51 monster boxes. I had just pulled a Harrison Bader autograph from Topps series 1, so I gave that to him.

Last week, he mentioned he had another load of boxes, and of course I’m a sucker for filling my SUV with cards! They were ready on Sunday and he didn’t want anything in exchange. Nonsense, I thought. Knowing he’s a Cardinals fan, I did a once over my cards and didn’t have anything of real interest. So, I know he’s a fan of craft beer and I happen to drive right through New Glarus, Wisconsin, home to a craft brewery that has a huge following for their Spotted Cow and other beers. Beer for cards. Perfect!

I haven’t had much time to go through the 25 boxes, and in fact haven’t found a place where I can put them after filling both my card room as well as a large closet. The closet is stacked six feet with boxes in the entire 16 feet by 8 feet space. Oh, and another room in the basement has become the home to several boxes.

Going through one box and there were stacks of star cards, including Mark Grace.

And a small stack of Kerry Wood cards. The 1998 Stadium Club Prime Rookies and 2002 Donruss Originals are both new to the collection. I’m not a set builder, but I really love the Donruss Originals set and may seek to build this set sometime.

Another new add is the Cubs original Jon (Lester). This is Jon Leicester (pronounced Lester). This is a 2004 Ultra Gold Medallion.

A great trade, indeed. It also makes for a very scenic drive through southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. So scenic that I actually had to stop in the middle of the highway three times for: a flock of geese, a deer, and a beaver.

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